How The Sims Helped Me Decorate My Home

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for some time now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the coolest PC game The Sims. We humans have that unexplainable desire to play Gods even just for one day and that’s what this game offers. It’s been 16 years since we first became puppetmasters to the strategic-life simulation world of The Sims and it’s never getting old. In the past few years the game evolved so rapidly, it became more addictive than ever. All the new extensions and the numerous updates are literally dragging us without a hesitation into this fun “parallel universe” we all need from time to time. Bottom line, The Sims evolved with us and we evolved with it. When playing it, you will probably be sitting on the computer for 12 hours straight and you won’t even feel the need to get up and do something else. Yeah, it’s that kind of fun.

What actually made me talk to you about The Sims (besides try to drag you into the game because I’m a real Sims4Ever freak and I feel the need to spread the good word) was my new house look that was inspired in one of the iconic pre-made households in the game: the family house of the Goths. Bella Goth is my all time favorite pre-made character in The Sims. There’s so much mystery about this woman, they even made her disappear and we later found out she was actually abducted by aliens and thrown into the wrong city. Plus, she’s beautiful, artistic and has a way with men.

When three months ago I decided to make a total décor change in my house, I knew without a doubt that my inspiration was going to be The Sims. I’ve been an “interior designer” to so many family houses in the world of The Sims, so why not try in real life? That’s how I decided to take the Goth family house as a source of inspiration and trust me, it turned out better than I could ever imagine. Although my home doesn’t scream “glamorous and expensive” as much as the Sims version of it, it’s still stylish, dark and simply awesome.

Once I was sure in which direction my design will go, I painted the walls all red and white and gave a new dark brown paint to the windows and the doors. And that’s when the furniture hunt began. First of all I bought a new sofa, painted the coffee table in dark brown, purchased a king sized black bed and found this amazing piece of Korean chest furniture that totally blew my mind. When I first came across the online store I felt like I was in the storage section of the building mode in The Sims! Such a variety of furniture and most importantly, they all seemed like they were precisely constructed for the needs of the Goth family aka me. Although there were so many options, I found the perfect Korean chest for my dining room: antique, with a beautiful flower design up front and big enough to keep all the unnecessary things inside that are constantly taking over my room.


This little detail gave a whole new goth look to my dining room, so when my friends come over to dinner, they can’t stop talking that they feel like they’re in a museum and it’s so mysterious and fun. And I like that, because it feels like Bella Goth made a dinner for her friends and it seems she is getting that gold medal party reward. So if you’re also looking for some goth, antique and totally cool stuff, the great selection of Korean chest furniture should be your first choice. So go on, make some motherlode and build on. Sul sul!