Home Blood Pressure Monitoring: Omron, the Go-To Choice

Considering hypertension is often called the silent killer, it simply has to be taken seriously. While there are many individuals who know they’re dealing with high blood pressure, there are also those who aren’t even slightly aware because they have no symptoms that would point out there is an underlying problem that has to be looked into.

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When the BP is uncontrolled, it can lead to narrower arteries which in turn could result in various issues, among which heart diseases and failure, stroke, aneurysm, kidney disease and failure, loss of vision, memory loss, vascular dementia and sexual dysfunction.

Furthermore, it could also be a sign of another condition, such as sleep apnea, thyroid issues, kidney problems, tumours, issues the adrenal gland or even congenital defects of the blood vessels, and the sooner you know you’re dealing with hypertension, the sooner you can check if it’s primary or secondary and get the necessary treatment as well as implement some much-needed changes in your lifestyle.

Home Monitoring is Key

The best way to prevent complications is with regular monitoring which can be done with a device as the Omron blood pressure monitor. All designs from this brand are clinically validated and highly effective.

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Using such a machine can help you keep track of your BP daily and find out if you’ve got some problem. This way, you can assist your doctor with prescribing you a specific treatment. The monitor can easily point out whether the current treatment is providing the wanted results or there’s a need for adjustment.

Anyone can benefit from this kind of investment, not only people with ongoing hypertension but also individuals with normal BP, pregnant women, diabetics, people with kidney or thyroid problems, as well as those who deal with white-coat hypertension.

Why Buy Omron?

The answer is simple – their BP monitoring concept started in the beginning of the 1960s, with the so-called idea of “Health Engineering” of founder Kazuma Tateisi.

It’s a concept that consists of diagnosing diseases through the use of computer technologies and automation, which led to the creation of the very first digital blood pressure monitor of the company in 1973, the HEM-1, also known as the manometer-typed blood pressure monitor. The one that followed was the HEM-77, the digital blood pressure monitor for home use developed in 1978.

The next decades were marked by various other groundbreaking BP machines, from those based on the oscillometric method, as the HEM-400C/HEM-700C, the fuzzy logic method with the HEM-706, the automatic cuff wrapping system of the HEM-1000, and the solar powered HEM-SOLAR, to the various wrist BP monitors, Bluetooth models like the HEM-6232T and Platinum BP monitors.

Thanks to the company’s aim to create BP machines that are user-friendly and offer outstanding accuracy, it didn’t take long for the Omron blood pressure monitor models to become popular not only in Japan but worldwide too.

What to Look for in an Omron Monitor?


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Cuff Size

This is one of the most important things to look into because choosing inadequate cuff size could mean inaccurate readings. You ought to choose based on your arm circumference: small size 22-26cm, average 27-34cm, and large 35-44cm. Also, you get to decide whether you want an arm cuff or a wrist cuff. Most doctors recommend the latter for people aged under 50.

Automatic Measurements

People with irregular heartbeats might have trouble with the measurements, so an Omron blood pressure monitor sensitive to irregular heartbeat is the best option as it can automatically take two or three measurements to reflect the actual BP with accuracy.

IntelliSense Technology

Thanks to this enhanced technology of some monitors, accurate measurements can be made with comfort and ease and you don’t even have to adjust to select an inflation level; the monitor is designed to inflate the cuff at a level ideal for the user.


Depending on what you’re looking for in a monitor, you can decide by checking the features a specific model offers. For instance, there are those that provide memory storage for only the last reading, but there are also models that store up to 14 or 90 readings. In addition, you can choose a model with a low-noise output, or different colour indicators to distinguish standard readings.