Headlamps: How to Pick the Perfect One for You

So you’ve decided to start going on night hikes and long camping trips in the woods. You know that both of these activities can be immensely enjoyable and incredibly relaxing. However, they can be a bit scary too if you’re not properly equipped. Owning and using a nice headlamp is a must if you plan to embark on one or both of these adventures. That’s precisely why you need to learn what you should pay attention to when looking for the ideal headlight for you.Rechargeable Led Headlight

Headlamp Beam Type

Since flood beams don’t throw long distance light, they are to be avoided. Flood beams are useful for general camp tasks and up-close repair work, whereas spot or focused beams provide long-distance viewing, which is why they are the better option for hikers and campers. If you want to have both, you should look for adjustable headlamps.

Headlamp Light Output

A headlamp’s light output is measured in lumens. Lumens represent the total quantity of light emitted in all directions by a light source. This means that the higher the lumens number, the brighter the light a headlamp produces. Well, at least in most cases.

Headlamp Beam Distance

This is another extremely important feature. A headlamp’s beam distance tells you how far (in meters) the light it produces can go. Don’t overlook this piece of the puzzle, as it too matters.


Rechargeable batteries are considered to be the better option by many experienced hikers, campers, and fishers. A rechargeable Led headlight, for example, is suitable for hiking, camping, fishing, caving, and numerous other recreational activities. A rechargeable Led headlight can be easily and conveniently recharged with a simple battery charger. Such headlamps are also eco-friendly, as rechargeable batteries produce less waste and can be reused hundreds of times.

Headlamp Weight

Your headlamp should be your most loyal ally. This means that a hiker’s or camper’s headlight shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear. Today, most headlamps (including the batteries) weigh less than 200 grams, which is perfect for routine adventures such as the ones I’ve mentioned above.

Water Resistance

Since headlamps are used mainly by hikers and campers, many companies sell products that can withstand some degree of exposure to rain and snow. Make sure to check whether the headlamp possesses this quality before you actually purchase it.

Red Light Mode

Red light is ideal for nighttime use because it’s easier for our pupils to adjust in the dark with red light than with white light. So, if you find a headlamp that comes with a red-light mode, I advise you to buy it.