A Guide to Choosing Your First Scooter

As much as travelling by car is the most convenient way of transportation, scooters became a very trendy alternative throughout the last decade. And not only scooters are friendlier for our environment’s well being, but you’ll also get to dodge the endless rush hour traffic and breathe some fresh air on your way.

However, choosing your first scooter can become overwhelming, as the market nowadays is overflowed with many different types- from the scooters for toddlers and kids to the more advanced models for adults. This is why we gathered a couple of tips you may find useful on your scooter buying journey.

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Go for a Reputable Brand

Before you decide to get any type of scooter that seems like the best option for your needs and preferences, it’s always recommended to skip low-end models and go for a reputable brand that will offer great value for your money.

And talking about reputable brands that got scooter enthusiasts in our land hyped, don’t hesitate to pick an Envy complete scooter for yourself. This local brand launched their popular Envy complete scooters collection in 2009 and managed to get on top and become a leader in the industry these days.

Envy Scooters
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This is not surprising at all, considering that every collection “Blunt and Envy” release is always successful in showing off a new dimension in different scooter designs that are made from handpicked parts. And not only an Envy complete scooter will provide you with the latest technologies in the industry, but these scooters are also one of the most affordable options on the market that will help you save in the long term.

The best thing about Envy complete collections is that you can find models suitable for everyone- from the Envy One models that are more suitable for beginners to the Envy Prodigy beasts for everyone that wants to show off their most advanced skills at the skate park.

Consider the Features

Except for choosing a high-quality scooter from one of the credible brands on the market, have in mind that not all the scooters are equally created and not all of them are suitable for everyone. For this purpose, it’s always recommended to take a good look at the features the specific model offers before you invest in something that isn’t appropriate for your needs and current skills.


One of the most important features that can truly make or break your scootering experience are the wheels. And even though wheels for scooters can be made of a bunch of different materials, experts recommend choosing wheels that feature metal cores and PU(polyurethane) threads, as this combo is the most durable for conquering the urban surfaces.

Scooter Wheel
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Except for their construction, wheels also come in a bunch of different sizes suitable for different skill levels. For instance, larger wheels (from 180 to 230mm in diameter) are a better option for beginners, since they’re less agile and provide better shock absorption than smaller ones.

On the other hand, smaller wheels (from 100 to 145mm in diameter) are more lightweight, nimble and better for developing speed. But on account of that, smaller wheels tend to transmit more vibrations from the ground and have a shorter glide distance than the larger ones.


The deck is the part of the scooter that supports your weight. Therefore, except for choosing one made from sturdy materials such as aluminium or steel, it’s also important to choose a deck proportional to the size of the wheels.

However, keep in mind that a larger deck will provide you with a surface where you can comfortably stand and maintain balance, especially when travelling a longer distance. But on account of that, you’ll get a bulky and heavy scooter that takes more effort to speed up or slow down.

On the contrary, smaller decks may be less comfortable as they offer less surface for your feet, but they’re way more agile, portable and lightweight than larger ones. In other words, a scooter featuring a small deck may be more suitable for doing tricks at the skate park, but a very bad choice if you’re about to travel on daily basis.


The fork is the “backbone” of your scooter, responsible for keeping the deck and the bars together. This is why it’s always important to choose a sturdy and rugged fork such as aircraft-grade aluminium to keep your scooter in great shape for a longer period.

Scooters Fork
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On the other hand, scooter forks can be either threaded or threadless. Threaded forks have threads outside the tube and are most commonly used in entry-level completes for beginners, while threadless ones are generally found on high-end models. However, keep in mind that since threadless forks don’t have threading drilled into the tip of the fork, they’re naturally stronger than threaded ones.


Finally, the bars are the surface where you’ll keep your hands while maneuvering with your scooter. For this purpose, it’s recommended to aim for bars that sit at your hips or waist height when standing on the deck, as this height will provide you with proper balance and comfort while riding.

Also, keep in mind that shorter and smaller bars are more suitable for doing tricks while larger ones are better for street riding. However, as many people are choosing a scooter for both, casual commuting and trick riding, it’s best to go for bars that suit the type of riding you do mostly in such cases.

Safety First – Don’t Forget About the Protective Gear

Whether you decided to go for an expensive scooter packed with a bunch of different conveniences and features or for a more low-end one that will casually help you travel from one spot to another, don’t forget that safety always comes first. And when we’re talking about staying safe while riding your scooter, not a rider should be left without a couple of essential skate protective gear pieces.

But even though many riders will claim that riding their scooter is something they do “with closed eyes”, don’t forget that you can always find yourself losing control and end up falling onto a hard surface that can lead you to head and joint injuries or bruises and cuts. So, instead of compromising for your safety, keep in mind that helmets, knee pads and elbow pads are your guardian angels on the road.

Safety Helmets

When it comes to choosing the safest helmet for scootering, don’t forget that even a minor injury to your head may lead to fatal consequences. Therefore, make sure you skip cheap models and go for a high-quality one that offers a bunch of safety layers. When it comes to comfort, experienced riders recommend getting a lightweight helmet that won’t overwhelm your neck and shoulders, preferably with extra padding on the inside.

Safety Helmets
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Knee and Elbow Pads

Knee and elbow pads are also the most essential safety skate gear, as your knees and elbows are the first parts of your body that make contact with the ground if you accidentally lose control and slip down. This is why you should opt for pads that will offer the ultimate combination of cushion and protection for multiple hard impacts.

And talking about choosing both safe and comfy protective pads, it’s best to opt for a set made from memory foam. Not only do these foams make for soft and cozy padding, but they’ll also absorb the impact and the shock from any nasty falls and prevent some more serious injuries.

On the other hand, even though the market nowadays offers a bunch of strapless elbows and knee pads, make sure you skip them. Strapped pads, especially the ones that are packed with non-slip technology are better to keep the pad secured in place and absorb slight impact during falls.

Now that you know what are the most important aspects to take into consideration, it’s time to hit the market and get the best scooter for yourself.