Gift Ideas to Surprise the Passionate Lakers Fan in Your Life

For some people, basketball is much more than a sport – it’s a religion. They see famous basketball players as not only talented sportsmen, but as people so close they can consider family. In turn, many basketball players also consider their fanbase as family. Cheering fans at live games fill them with positivity and motivation. This drives their physical performance and helps them produce the best of their abilities.

When looking for a gift for a dedicated basketball fan, the ideal choice is going for basketball equipment and apparel. These items are sure to put a smile on their face and encourage them to practice their layups and jump shots some more. If you know someone that is a big fan of the late Kobe, or the famous purple-and-golds, you can choose from the range of high-quality Lakers merchandise to make their day.

LA Lakers Jersey

The most popular basketball-themed gifts are jerseys. Chances are high that your friend already has a few jerseys in their wardrobe, however, a premium quality durable jersey will outshine all the others. Check out the massive collection and choose an la lakers nba jersey from the giftee’s favourite player.

lakers jersey

The collection includes jerseys from Kobe, LeBron, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, and many other superstars. They’re made from a double-knit sweat-wicking fabric that helps you stay dry, comfortable, and focused on the game. The Lakers collection includes jerseys for all ages – from toddlers to adults. If you’re overwhelmed by the number of choices, you can opt for a Mega NBA Mystery Box instead. This box includes at least two jerseys and a possible variety of other apparel.

What do Basketball Jerseys Mean to the Fans?

A Lakers NBA jersey is a big deal for someone who lives and breathes basketball, especially the adored purple and gold team. It helps them show others their passion and gives them a comfy and stylish garment that they can wear during their basketball games. These jerseys provide breathability and comfort that aren’t easy to find.

In modern men’s fashion Lakers jerseys can also build stylish outfits. Dress it over a t-shirt, combine it with ripped jeans and Nikes and you have yourself a cool outfit. For chillier days, you can top it off with a chequered flannel shirt or a denim jacket.

LA Lakers Cap

When it comes to discussing apparel, we can’t leave out the famous fitted hats. You can find a variety of Lakers caps online to surprise your friend and help them upgrade their style. The 59fifty fitted model is among the most stylish and comfortable to wear. Much like the Lakers jersey, a Lakers cap has multiple functions.

fans wearing la lakers cap

Firstly, it shows the world your number one team. This can help one make tonnes of friends that support the same basketball team. Secondly, a quality cap provides a lot of comfort on hot summer days. The visor keeps the sun away from your eyes, while the multi-layered lining wicks away the sweat. A cap like this is a convenient accessory when playing as well.

LA Lakers Funko

If they’re already stacked up on Lakers apparel, especially a variety of LA Lakers NBA jersey options, then gift them a decoration piece instead. A Lakers vinyl figure is an interesting gift that any Lakers fan will love. This decoration will brighten up their work desk and make them feel more motivated every time they look at it. A pop vinyl figure of their favourite player in a basketball uniform will bring them a bit of extra joy every day. These vinyl designs are so adorable that they’re also great gifts for children and toddlers that are just starting to get into basketball.

LA Lakers Poster

If the giftee has a large blank wall in their bedroom, you can help them fill it up by gifting them a Lakers poster. Choose a poster from their favourite player, or one consisting of the whole team. Having a poster like this in their living space will up their spirits and give them motivation for playing.

lakers poster

Tickets to a Lakers Game

Lastly, for the seriously dedicated fans – the ideal gift is a ticket to see the Laker play live. Go for a pair of tickets so that they can bring someone along with them, or even better – offer to go with them. This can turn into a fun adventure overseas, exploring another city and cheering on your favourite team. As fun as it sounds, not everyone is ready to commit to such a journey. Apart from the big expenses of the trip, LA isn’t exactly next door. A trip to the Crypto arena in LA will take you more than 13 hours.

Bottom Line

When planning for a gift for your dear friend that’s a Lakers fan, make sure to get them something special. Instead of choosing any type of jersey, go for a premium quality LA Lakers NBA jersey.

After all, a dedicated basketball fan deserves nothing less than premium basketball apparel. If they already own a ton of jerseys, gift them an adorable vinyl figure that they can decorate their space with or a spacious poster. If you’re dealing with a serious Lakers fan – gift them tickets to a Lakers game. That’s the ultimate Lakers gift!