Garden Trees: Create an Intriguing Landscape Scene

Planting trees in your garden just adds so much to it. It can provide not only an aesthetic look but also a shade for your patio and your windows. However, it’s important to know that nurturing a tree or two can be quite the challenge. Different types require different level of care, such as: how often and when to water, the amount of sunlight exposure, type of soil, the function it will have in the garden and the conditions you need to meet in order for the tree to fully grow and bloom like it should.

Garden Trees

So if you are ready to be one with nature and have decided to plants few garden trees, here are the things to consider in order to create the perfect landscape scenery:

Type of Tree

Trees are divided into two basic types – deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous trees drop leaves in the winter and autumn, so if you live in a warmer area around the Ecuador, for example, these garden trees are a perfect option for you. Evergreens, on the other hand, include broad-leafed and conifers. Broad-leafed trees change their leaves intermittently or once a season. Conifers have needle-like or narrow seeds that keep their foliage around for the entire year. Both types of garden trees are great for windbreaks and providing shades.


Some trees produce more litter than others, in the form of falling leaves, flowers or fruits. If you have an outdoor patio, you want to avoid trees that produce much litter in order to avoid damaging your furniture or just to keep it cleaner. The same thing goes if you have a swimming pool in your yard. You don’t want the pool to be full of leaves that you will have to clean on a daily basis. Trees with weak wood and brittle are the types you want to avoid in a heavy snow area or a high wind area. The reason being is they can be dangerous to your property AND to people and animals, and there will be broken branches all over the place which you will have to frequently deal with. Furthermore, depending on the climate, some trees might have no problems in some area, while some might have many issues, also some trees might be more fragile when it comes to diseases and parasites than others.


You have to plan ahead when deciding for what type of tree you want to plant. If you are looking for a tree that will provide shade for you – go for a type with a wide canopy. Deciduous trees provide shade during the summer, and let the sun in during winter when their leaves fall off. If you want to block a window view – get a tall dense tree that is combined with shrubs.