Top Tips for Finding Comfy Shoes that Won’t Kill Your Feet

Now let’s be honest, how many times have you bought killer shoes that have actually ended up killing your feet? We’ve all been there. You find a cute pair that you absolutely love and which feels comfortable enough in the store, but the unbearable pain after spending a day in them makes you rethink your choices and swear to stick to a lifetime of orthopaedic shoes. Only that you don’t, since life is too short to be wearing ugly shoes, anyway. The truth is you don’t have to compromise on style as long as the shoes of your preference meet the following criteria.
Comfy Shoes

They’re EXACTLY Your Size

No matter how much the shoes are built to be comfortable, if they’re not your correct size you’re bound to face a great deal of problems. Although you might be certain of your shoe size, it’s always worth double checking it since feet can change over time. To ensure you’re investing in comfy shoes, it’s best to measure your feet near the end of the day, when they tend to be swollen and slightly larger. Wear the type of socks you’re planning on wearing with the shoes and take into account that they may swell in hot weather.

Besides length, make sure that your shoes fit you in width as well. A great way to check that the shoes are wide enough is to draw an outline of your feet on paper. Then place the shoe on top of the outline, and if it’s more than 1cm narrower than your foot, it’s not worth considering.

Soft, Flexible Uppers

Comfy shoes always have soft, flexible uppers that adjust to the form of your feet instead of fighting against it. Soft, high-quality leather, suede or fabric uppers can mould around your feet which reduces the chances of chaffing and blistering. These materials are also breathable, which is another factor that can help you feel more comfortable.

Great Cushioning

Even high heels can be comfy if they come with ample cushioning that reduces the amount of impact your feet take. Make sure to check that the shoes have solid rubber soles that act as shock absorbers, otherwise it can feel as though there is nothing between your feet and the ground. To ensure there’s not much pressure on your feet from the weight of your body, always look for shoes that come with insoles made from memory foam so that it can rebound and doesn’t flatten over time. If you want to provide your existing shoe collection with extra comfort, you can try doing so by inserting gel pads, especially under the ball of the foot on high heels.