Dress for the Job: Avoid Faux Pas at the Office

A lot has happened since the old rules of dressing for work got replaced by the somewhat relaxed rules we have today. These days it’s all about allowing workers to have more say in their outfits and showcase more of their personalities. You’ve got the freedom to get to work in a pair of flip flops, or the outfit you wear when going for a stroll in the park. In the modern offices, employers leave it to the common sense of employees to pick out the proper attire fit for the job.

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Still, not everything is to be praised about this. Considering the line between right and wrong is now thin, so it’s significantly easier to make fashion faux pas. Lack of a dress code implies greater flexibility yet at the same time great responsibility too as it doesn’t mean anything goes.

The best way of handling it, is to think of it as more of being appropriate than trendy. And of course, look for what shops have to offer in terms of mens office wear. You’d be surprised to see how abundant the options are. Moreover, you won’t even have to break your bank to look your best as there are versatile work-appropriate clothes that are both affordable and of quality, from staple shirts to pants with the perfect fit and blazers.

Your Outfit is Proportional to Your Success

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There’s a reason it’s called “dressed for success” and if you don’t want your looks to cost you your next promotion, or that project you’ve worked hard for, it’s time to take work attire seriously. When you pay attention to the clothing, you show how dedicated you are to your work and that you actually care about it. So the best way to go about it is to avoid making faux pas.

Is there a dress code?

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This is a question that’s going to lead you to the path you should take outfit-wise. Knowing whether the company has a culture that allows mixing up business with casual is of great help since you’d be clear as to what’s expected of you, i.e. what’s the norm that you should follow. Therefore, to be on the safe side, find out if the code is casual, smart casual, business casual or business professional.

When you’re aware of this, you’d easily make up your mind on the items of mens office wear you require in your wardrobe. To make a distinction between these four, it’s enough to understand casual is about having the green light with expressing your style and wearing whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Smart casual is a bit of both casual and smart so not all of your casual items would do. And the stricter business casual that’s still elegant is a bit more relaxed than the formal business professional.

A word of caution with the casual and smart casual is to keep in mind you can’t have all the freedom you want after all – there is some limit to how far you can go. Let’s take the example of sneakers: both styles go well with sneakers, however not just any pair would do. For example, don’t think your colourful running or hiking shoes are a safe bet. Choose a stylish pair that’s neutral in terms of colour and design.

How long do you work for the company?

Even if a company adopts the norm of casual and smart casual, it would make a huge difference when choosing the clothes as a novice. Dressing up for the job, paying equal attention to the clothes and the shoes, would lead to extra points with the employers as you’d leave off a great impression. Especially if it’s the case with job interview or the first few days in the office so don’t steer away from toning it up a little.

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It’s also needless to say, apart from picking the right pieces of mens office wear, it’s essential to keep them neat and clean, without any wrinkles or stains. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, that is. Dirty, wrinkly clothes draw the wrong kind of attention!

Do you meet with clients?

Working away from the eyes of clients is one thing, meeting them is another. When you’re about to spend time with them face to face, you have to look your best and win their trust. Based on this, it’s better to dress up than dress down when preparing for a business meeting, in order to feel confident.

Items You Can’t Go Wrong With

Whenever in doubt, it’s best to have a set of items of mens office wear that you know with certainty they work well together and do your professional looks a favour. For start, a pair of chinos and tailored pants are good options. And they go well with staple shirts and blazers. In terms of footwear, a pair of leather shoes will do.

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Now, depending on whether there’s a more casual code or a stricter one, you can take it down or up a notch. For instance, with casual, you could throw in a pair of well fitting dark jeans, a polo shirt, and sneakers, whereas with the stricter, a two or three-piece suit consisting of jacket, trousers and waistcoat. Plus a tie and dress shoes is the way to pull it off.

A word of advice if you don’t want to break your bank with your clothes is to shop smart. This means investing well in the items of quality meant to serve you for a long time as in the case with the shoes, the blazer, and suits and paying less for those you’d replace faster, as in the example with shirts.