Camping: True Adventurers Like It Ground Level

More and more people are becoming interested in camping, but this doesn’t mean more people are eager to become one with nature. On the contrary, as all the things that convenience the RV experience continue to emerge, camping is slowly becoming more of a being in a hotel room in the middle of the woods kind of sensation rather than actually being in nature. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing unattractive about having it all even in the outdoors, far away from home, but is that really what camping is all about?


In the past, camping meant staying close to nature, cooking hot-dogs on the campfire and sleeping on the ground. Actually, it meant everything we couldn’t do in our big polluted cities, so we were spending our weekends in the mountains to be in the presence of plants and experience the (for many) primitive way of living. However, just because some RV campers decided to take their vacationing in nature to the next level, it doesn’t mean that the real old-school tent camping is no longer cool. Tent camping will always mean getting back to the simple life and it will always represent the simplest and most relaxing holiday option that gives us the perfect chance to bond with our loved ones.

On a different note, this kind of camping can be unpredictable, so you should be fully prepared before hitting the road. Most errors are avoidable with just a little planning in advance. That’s why apart from packing your passionate spirit, your tent, your sleeping bags, the food and drinks, you also ought to be mindful of the essential tent camping accessories such as: repair tape, groundsheet, tent pegs, pole repair kit and windbreak.

All of this may sound camp nerdy now, but trust me, you don’t want to discover that your sleeping bag misses a zip, or that you forgot to bring the stretch cord when you’re six hours away from home. The tent camping accessories include some clever and practical products that will make your camping experience super easy, so make sure you prioritize them on your “to buy” list before hitting the road to the great outdoors.

Finally, don’t forget about exploring! While being away from the routine at home, you’ll have the chance to learn some new skills, get to know the many aspects of nature and develop independence by embarking on new adventurous challenges. And remember, hardcore campers will forever stay true to their sleeping bags and their waterproofing nylon tents.