Buying Heelys Roller Sneakers? Here’s the Info You Need

So your kid saw another kid gliding around with heelys roller sneakers on your last trip to the mall, and now he’s talking on and on about how he really needs a pair for Christmas or the world will come to an end. And since you’re such a loving and caring parent, you’ve decided to consider his wish. But before you do so, you have to know all there is to know about them, whether they will be suitable for your little one as well as whether they’re safe.


Yes, they are safe, as long as they’re used properly. They have removable wheels which when removed, become a regular shoe, except for the fact that the design of most heelys is much better looking than the design on regular shoes. Your kid can go from rolling to running in a manner of seconds. Unlike cheap ripoff roller shoes, heelys roller sneakers have a smoothly working mechanism that allows you to remove or equip the wheels.

Heelys are one of the highest quality roller sneakers on the market. Their soles don’t wear down quickly from dragging and friction. They offer the latest shoe styling, which is something other roller sneakers don’t. Their wheels do wear out over time though, but replacements can be easily found on the market.


The most frustrating part when buying heelys online, is figuring out the size. They are almost always based on boys and kids sizes only. Therefore, it’s best to measure the foot and check the insole measurement. Besides the size, you won’t find a shortage of style and design. One of the most surprising things when buying heelys, is their price. For such a popular, convenient and quality shoe, they’re relatively cheap coming at a price around $50.

There is really nothing not to love about heelys roller sneaker, so if your kid wants a pair, make his dream come true this Christmas. He’ll be happy with the shoes and you’ll be happy with not spending an absurd amount of money on presents, it’s a win-win. Plus, you won’t have to drag him out of the house to do some outdoor activities, he’ll be more than happy to come with you riding in style.

The only thing you need to be concerned about is that heelys are banned in many malls and schools. Which is totally understandable in some way as heely’s are more of a way to have fun with on the streets, rather than roll them in the school’s hall.