Booth Seats: Create a Comfy Dining Zone for Your Kitchen

When it comes to designing an attractive and functional interior, we can learn a few things from restaurants and bars. They are always stylishly on-point and include comfortable and super-practical furniture that can withstand being used day in, day out. One restaurant furniture trend that’s also very popular in homes is banquette seating.

As the barriers between lounging and dining begin to blur, comfortable and casual banquette seating area has sort of become a must-have. Even in a large space that can fit a traditional dining table with chairs, a booth seat can be the perfect way to bring a much needed cosy vibe to your breakfasts and casual meals. Feeling intrigued? Here are some ways you can enhance your kitchen comfort with a lovely booth seat or two or more!

Tuck It into a Corner

Banquette seating seems as if it’s designed with the intention to take advantage of the overlooked parts of a room, like for instance corners. Even if the free corner in your kitchen is not exactly 90 degrees, you can still manage to create a banquette with the help of module booth seats designed in different shapes and angles.

Hug a Wall

For a very small kitchen, a banquette dining area may be the obvious, if not the only, solution. Even if you don’t have any corner to spare, a booth seat can be added to any available vertical area, like for instance a wall. Such a mini dining area with a single booth seat only on one side helps solve the traditional problem of corner banquettes which is that it’s hard to get in and out of them.

A Seat by the Window

It’s not exactly a rule that banquette seating has to be squeezed into an available corner or glued to a wall. In fact, the most charming spot you can place a booth seat is under a large bay window. After all, who can resist the idea of waking up every morning only to enjoy your coffee surrounded by a gorgeous view? Just imagine the natural light pouring in from the windows, or watching the rainfall in the embrace of a loved one. It’s the definition of cosy dining!

Use It as a Hidden Storage Solution

Besides being efficient space savers, booth seats can also help you organize your kitchen and clear away the clutter. You might wonder how? Well, many of them can come with built-in drawers and shelves allowing you to store tablecloths, supplies and other items in an attractive manner.