Top Factors That Determine the Best Sports Bottle for Your Lifestyle

If you are looking to help the planet, using a reusable sports water bottle to reduce your plastic waste should be part of your mission. Every year, billions of kilos of waste end up in the oceans, forming enormous islands made entirely of trash, which will take thousands of years to decompose. A large proportion of plastic waste consists of plastic bottles as only about one in five bottles get properly recycled. By switching to a reusable sports bottle you will be automatically helping to decrease oil usage, greenhouse gasses emission, and bottles thrown away, reducing pollution threefold.

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Aside from the great environmental benefits, using a reusable sports bottle has many other advantages over disposable water bottles. One of them is the amount of money you save – investing in a sports bottle is a lot cheaper than constantly buying water bottles. Consider also the fact that using disposable water bottles can put your health at risk as chemicals used to make the bottles have been linked to reproductive issues, asthma and dizziness. Disposable bottles contain a chemical called BPA (bisphenol A) which is an industrial chemical used since the 1960s to make certain plastics and resins. BPA is generally found in rigid, transparent plastics, like water bottles, and could be harmful to your health.

When shopping for a sports bottle, you will come across a lot of options, which can make it difficult to know which one to choose. I’ve made a list of the factors that you should consider when shopping for a reusable water bottle so that you can get the ideal one for your needs and lifestyle.


Choosing the right material is key to finding the perfect sports bottle for you. Plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass are the four most common bottle materials, each having its own pros and cons. Your choice will depend on what you consider the most important aspect of your bottle and how you plan to use it.


  • Stainless Steel – These sports bottles have gained great popularity, especially among those who worry about plastic bottles and the environment. They are eco-friendly, extremely durable, and most importantly – metal is BPA free. Another great benefit of these bottles is that they can hold both hot and cold drinks and keep them insulated for long periods of time. They wash clean and don’t trap odours or retain flavours, so they are a perfect choice when you want to switch between flavoured drinks and water. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just prefer your liquids to retain their temperature longer, buying a stainless steel sports bottle is your best bet.
  • Aluminium – Considered the optimal choice for runners, bikers and travelers, aluminium sports bottles are lightweight and generally utilize a carabiner top that allows them to be easily attached to backpacks, belts and bicycles. Although aluminium bottles are BPA-free, they are not the best choice for those looking for great insulation. Stainless steel bottles do a much better job for retaining liquid temperature longer.
  • Glass – Before considering a glass bottle, consider its intended use carefully. Glass is a sustainable and sleek material, which means it is a great option for long-term home and office use. It is also a great investment since it is high-quality and there are no health risks associated with it. However, a glass bottle is not ideal for outdoor use, heavy exercise, or for children as it is a heavier material which breaks easy.
  • Plastic – Affordable, easy to clean, and available in a variety of designs, plastic is still the most popular material on the market. For your peace of mind, nowadays, there are various plastic options that are environmentally friendly and pose no health concerns. Plastic sports bottles are great for athletes, for everyday use, and for children, but they do not provide insulation. These bottles are not safe for hot liquids and can also leave an odd flavour in your water.



The shape of your water bottle shape should depend on what you plan on using it for. For example, water bottles for running should be thin enough to fit comfortably in your hand. For hiking, the best water bottles are those that typically hold more liquid and are, therefore, bigger. However, if you plan to keep it in the side sleeve of your pack for easy access, make sure it is thin enough to fit.


Lid Type

The ease of use of a bottle should be an important consideration for anyone looking for a sports bottle as it involves not only drinking from the bottle but also carrying it and using the lid. People often claim that the standard screw cap isn’t the most convenient option when it comes to staying hydrated on the move. New cap designs are known to give individuals more options to assist them in staying hydrated through their workouts. For those who prefer drinking straight from the bottle’s body, narrow mouths are easier to use. They are less likely to splash down your chest, and you can usually keep moving while drinking too. Wide mouths, on the other hand, are handier in the backcountry. They are also easier to clean and fill and most models available today are also filter-compatible. Bottles featuring straw lids, screw caps, spouts, and flip tops are other options to consider.

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If you are going to be drinking only water, transparency isn’t a very important factor for you. But if you intend to mix sports powder and need to see how much water you have put into the bottle in order to get the mix right, then it is something to keep in mind. In this case, you can choose a transparent bottle that comes with a measuring strip on the side or look for non-transparent bottles that come with transparent viewing strips that allow you to see the content inside.

You should know that a lot of brands target customers by offering low prices and discounts on sports bottles. However, instead of price you should focus on quality, design, durability, performance, and capacity of your water sports bottle. These are important factors that will help you choose a sports bottle that won’t let you down and will serve you for years to come.