Australia’s Top 3 Outdoor Adventure Activities

Although the city life in Australia is vibrant enough to keep anyone entertained and busy, there are those of us who’d rather spend their leisure time exploring the wilder side of the Land Down Under. And if Australia is about anything, it’s about the great outdoors. From the vast and remote wilderness of the bush to the thousands kilometers of unspoiled coastline – there’s a lot to see and a lot to do. But if I had to single out three types of outdoor sports that anyone should try, it would have to be the following three.

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Given the fact that around ninety percent of the population is settled within two hours of the beach, it’s no wonder that beach culture has deep roots into Aussies’ mentality. The big waves on all coastlines have made sports such as surfing a mainstream thing in Australia, with the Gold Coast offering some of the most vibrant pockets of the Australian surf culture. The crystal clear waters, unending coral reefs and tons of fish species also make Australia a paradise for snorkeling. And when it comes to enjoying all of this to the fullest, you need to be prepared and have the right outdoor sporting goods. A good fitting mask with a good field of vision, fins that come with a reasonable amount of flex, but are stiffer around the foot and a snorkel that Sourceisn’t too long (the longer the snorkel is, the harder it is to breathe in) make for the best choices.

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Bush-walking is also popular and that includes a wide spectrum of trails, from urban parks and forests to a full day walking and camping in a national park or reserve. On the mainland, you can immerse yourself in the Blue Mountains bush which is just a two hours drive from the bustling Sydney, or maybe explore the many walking tracks of Tasmania . Be aware though – the Australian interior can be wild and unforgiving. In remote areas, if you don’t pay enough attention and aren’t properly prepared, you can face isolation, sunstroke and dehydration. Given the harshness of the outdoors, you must be properly equipped with the right outdoor sporting goods. The essentials, (whether it’s a long or a short walk) include a proper walking map, a sunblock, a torch, an insect repellent, adequate clothing, food to recharge and above all plenty of water. Also, the importance of proper hiking shoes should’t be underestimated and therefore you need to look for comfortable fitting shoes that are water resistant and can keep you dry and protected on the trail.

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Off-road Driving

If your perfect idea of an adventure is exploring places while pushing your driving skills to the limit, with plenty of wild mountains, deserts and rain forests, the Australian wilderness is also ideal for putting your four-wheel drive to work (the Northern Queensland’s Cape York and WA’s Kimberley being some of the most adventurous destinations). Again, in order to be better prepared, you’ll have to do a bit of research before hitting the road and stock up on supplies. You should always have an emergency stash of fuel, water, food and spare parts for your vehicle on top of what you need for your planned activities.