Apple Macbook Pro Battery Replacement – Where and How

Got yourself an Apple Macbook Pro? Good for you! That slim, good looking, the perfect silver coloured laptop is quite the gadget to own. Plus, its features make working on it such an easy and pleasurable thing to do. But, just like any other gadget on the market you can possibly get, the Macbook Pro has its flaws. Okay these are not exactly flaws, but the one thing that seems to bother many customers is its very unstable battery life span. Meaning, at some point you are going to have to change the battery.

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And since Apple does all things with the utmost sophistication, the Apple Macbook Pro battery replacement is not as easy as you might think. You will need the assistance of the Apple store customer service if your battery is a built-in, or you should get a completely new, special battery type if it is the type you can change on your own. Here’s how these things normally go.

First things first, determine the battery replacement method

There are two Apple Macbook Pro battery replacement methods: a built-in battery which you can’t replace on your own and have to visit the Apple store, and a battery type which you can replace by yourself. Now this largely depends on the model of Macbook Pro you own. Models that have batteries you can replace on your own are the 38.1 cm Macbook Pro and the 43.18 cm Macbook Pro laptop. If your model is not one of these, then you should take your gadget for battery replacement at an Apple store.

Battery replacement in an Apple store

If your laptop has a built-in battery then you’ll have to visit an Apple store for battery replacement. It’s a rather simple procedure: just make a reservation in the nearest Apple store in your area. You can visit the web site of the store and make a reservation in the Apple Support section. The staff will take it from there.

Buy replaceable Macbook Pro batteries online

If your Macbook Pro laptop offers the ability to change the battery by yourself, then the first thing you should do is get a new battery, obviously. There are plenty of online vendors that offer Macbook Pro batteries. Be very careful when you buy online; you should inspect the vendor and his policies well before you make the purchase. For instance, things to inspect before you order are the return policy of the battery, which will protect you from eventual financial losses if your battery turns out to be defective. Another thing to be very careful about is the vendor’s legitimacy; look for a telephone number you can call to verify the vendor’s address or any other type of information you think can serve as a proof of the online business’ legitimacy.