A Fresh Start: Redecorating Your Home the Scandinavian Way

So, the new year has inspired you to try some bold changes and redecorate your home in the popular Scandinavian style? Congratulations, you couldn’t have made a better choice! Redecorating your home the Scandinavian way is the perfect chance to finally find the guts to dispose of all the ugly clutter and start off with a clean slate and clean home. If you’re ready to bring in the positive, soothing energy of this style into your home, here are some helpful tips.

Scandinavian inspired furniture

Minimalism Beats Maximalism


To properly nail this style, it’s important to rid your home of the things that are of no use to you. Only keep your most essential belongings and buy only the stuff you really need, always focusing on quality over quantity. Remember – the fewer things you have the easier it would be for you to stay organized.

Pick Simple, Wooden Furniture


A hallmark of Scandinavian style is wooden furniture. The raw texture and dark colours of wooden furniture give warmth to the minimalist, clean space. Simple in design and featuring clean lines, these furniture pieces are timeless both in style and durability. As it is typically made of high-grade wood such as oak or walnut, Scandinavian inspired furniture can last a lifetime with good care, proving to be a great investment for the look of your home. Another characteristic of Scandi-style furniture is that it’s designed to be super-practical, often serving double-duty, like for instance, a sofa with integrated drawers as hidden storage.

Adopt a Neutral Palette


Colour is an important aspect in Scandinavian spaces, or rather, the lack of colour. In order to create an airy and light atmosphere, Scandi-style homes usually feature crisp clean, white walls. The white background allows the rich texture of the wooden Scandinavian inspired furniture to come to the fore. In addition to white, the Scandinavian colour palette features grey, brown, beige, and hints of pastels. This combination gives the space a peaceful and refreshing look.

Let There Be Light


Considering how days in Scandinavia are short, Scandinavian homes are designed to take in as much natural light as possible. Large, bare windows are another characteristic this style is famous for. But if you want to have greater control over how much light enters your home, feel free to add some roller blinds or sheer curtains which can be easily hidden out of sight. On the other hand, if your home is north facing and doesn’t get much sunshine, you can compensate by adding a variety of lighting sources such as lamps, wall sconces, or even candles.

Bring the Outdoors In


Besides quality wooden furniture and ample, natural light, Scandinavian spaces feature plenty of other connections to the outdoors. Whether it’s through homewares made of stone, clean hardwood floors, or metallic decorative accents – try to include a variety of natural materials all around you. But perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to draw a connection to nature is by bringing in some lovely potted plants. If you’re doubting your “green finger” abilities, start with some low-maintenance plants such as succulents or cacti.