Your Style Guide on How to Choose and Wear Ladies Chelsea Boots

As fashion trends come and go, some items are here to stay. When we think of such wardrobe staples, we immediately picture white sneakers, a pair of blue jeans and maybe black leggings. There’s a clear reason why Chelsea boots should be added to this list of essentials, and it’s a simple one: these boots will never go out of style.

The timeless design of the simple laceless ankle boot with a clean shape and elastic side panels makes it suitable for any occasion. Although variations of the original Chelsea boot are having their spur of the moment, fashion gurus are sure they’re more than a seasonal fever. Here’s everything you should know about the famous Chelsea boots for ladies, from their history to different ways to wear them.

The History of Chelsea Boots

Made by Request of Queen Victoria

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Chelsea boots have a fascinating history. During the Victorian era, Queen Victoria requested a pair of boots made without laces. She wanted boots that wouldn’t get stuck in her stirrups while riding. Her cobbler, J. Sparkes-Hall, responded with a design that was initially called paddock boot. Its design featured elasticated sides using vulcanised rubber, invented some time before this by Charles Goodyear. This type of material was made with sulphur added to the rubber to make it more resistant and elasticated. Without it, the design wouldn’t be possible. The royal cobbler patented the elastic ankle boots in 1851, and the Queen wore them on her daily walks and rides. From then on, the Chelsea boots became the essential boot for walking and riding, greatly enjoyed by Victorian men and women.

Mod Subculture Staple

Chelsea boots hadn’t become popular among the commoners until the mid-1950s, when they became a fashion item worn by a group of trendsetters from the King’s Road area in Chelsea, West London. That’s how they got their name. This group of artists and designers started wearing them regularly, which made these boots the go-to shoe for the mod trend followers worldwide.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Boot

Chelsea boots became an essential part of the Beatles’ uniform when designers Anello&Davide made the Cuban heel design. That’s why until today, many people call them the Beatle boots. Other rock stars and bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan followed through, making them a part of their fashion identity.

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What to Look for in a Chelsea Boot?

Timeless Characteristics

Why are Chelsea boots so popular? Royal recognition, as well as pop and rock culture, might be the reasons that made these boots so popular in the first place. But the timeless design characteristics are what made them stay popular for decades. The ankle height, low heels and rounded plain toes create a recognisable look, so versatile that it fits into every style. The elasticated sides and the handy pull tags make them easy to pun on or take off. The traditional women’s Chelsea boots are made from 2 leather pieces joined together near the ankle by a piece of rubber or elastic. This makes them durable and long-lasting.

If you’re a Chelsea boot beginner, you may want to start with a pair of the classic, low heel, black leather version. If you own a pair or two, go for a bold, emerald green colour, higher heel, or a chunkier sole. That’s what this season craze is all for.

A Snug Fit

The Chelsea boots for ladies are among the most close-fitting footwear pieces. This means that they should fit snugly around your feet, with no gaps between the boot and your ankle. You should buy your standard size, with no need for a size up or down. If they feel too loose, wear them with an extra pair of socks. If you find them too tight-fitting, stretch them with a boot stretcher until they’re easier to pull on.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots?

Wear Them With Your Favourite Jeans

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What jeans do you wear with Chelsea boots? You can pull any jean look Chelsea women’s boots. Their clean lines make them easy to cover under a flared leg. Some girls worry if they can tuck the end of their skinny jeans inside. You can do that too. However, remember that the Chelseas are statement-makers, which means they look best when you show them off. Cuffing your jean leg up a little so there’s a little skin showing between the boots, and the jeans is a way to give your boots the attention they deserve. You can achieve a modern country or Western look by pairing your boots with ankle cut or boot cut jeans.

Adorable Combinations

For an elegant dressed-up look, wear your Chelsea boots with a pair of leggings and a warm cosy knitted top. If you own a more classic version, you can wear them for work. Their sleek lines make them go well both with business formal and business casual attire. Pull out a super-smart office look, pairing them with trousers and a blouse for business casual or a pencil skirt and a white shirt for business formal. A midi skirt is a good deal for nearly anyone, so wear it with your boots and knitted top or a cropped leather jacket for a date or a girl-night-out. Their ankle height makes them a good fit for warmer months too.

Comfortable for Travelling

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Another reason Chelsea boots are so popular is the comfort that accompanies their great look. That makes them the perfect boot option for everyday walks, work, and travelling.

Why Choose Handcrafted Chelsea Boots over Mass-Produced Ones?

Handcrafted artisan boots may be pricier than other mass-produced Chelsea boots but are well worth it. There are several reasons why I’m saying this. What might look like an unnecessary splurge of money at first may save you money in the long run. Handcrafted shoes are made of superior materials, from leather for the top to rubber for the soles. Cobblers use methods that take time and overall craftsmanship methods that focus on details. This makes handcrafted boots exceedingly durable with a personalised comfort level. If you choose to buy handmade pair of boots like the Chelsea boots for women, you ensure wearing them and not go out of style for years.