Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Ergonomic Bedroom

We can define ergonomics as the study of people’s interaction with their physical environment. It refers to the indoor and outdoor environment, including comfort, stress, eye function, body movement, and orientation. Its purpose is to create the optimal living and working surrounding for people in order for them to function properly and without interruption and consequences.

People are mostly focused on creating an ergonomic working environment, but what about ergonomics in our homes? How can we make our house a safe place for our bodies and mind? By following a guide on furniture arrangements and height and placement of objects around the house. It’s not hard to do or complicated to maintain.

Adjustable Bed

pregnant woman relaxing while reading a book on a adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are specially designed to allow for elevating and positioning the top and bottom of the bed for a more comfortable sleeping position and relieving any sleep-related issues and pains. When you decide to buy adjustable bed, you decide to invest in your health and well being as they come with many benefits. No more rolling around in the bed with a pile of pillows to finally find the perfect sleeping position.

Reduces Back Pain

Did you know that around 4 million peopl suffer from back pain, or 1 in every 6 Australiann? If you’re one of them you know how hard is it to live with the pain and find a comfortable sleeping position. The adjustable bed relieves back pain and takes the pressure off the nerves. When you create the perfect sleeping position the spine is adequately supported and alleviates pressure points.

Makes Breathing Easier

Sleep apnea combined with an uncomfortable bed will only lead to even bigger health issues. When you elevate the top part of the bed, you free up the airways by opening them, and this allows for uninterrupted sleep. It will also come in handy when allergies are active or you have a common cold. The elevation stops the snoring by reducing the pressure on your sinuses.

Reduces Acid Reflux

Stomach acids or heartburn, are the cause of lack of sleep for many people. But with your body elevated by a recliner bed, the terrible acids won’t reach your throat. These acids can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, so why not try this method to stop them from burning your esophagus?

Enhances Circulation

Having good blood circulation all over the body is very important. The adjustable bed will help you achieve this by creating the perfect sleeping position that reduces pressure. This will allow the blood to flow freely, keep oxygen in every cell and numb and painful legs will no longer be a problem.

Furniture Layout


Positioning the bedroom furniture right is key to keeping the room ergonomic. For example, the ideal positioning of the bed is at the center of the room. This way, you have visual symmetry. On both sides of the bed, you should have at least 70cm of free space to walk around and don’t bump into the furniture on your way. It’s recommended to have some side tables as well. You can use them for storing daily utility items you use that will always be within a hand’s reach.

If you need work tables in the bedroom, incorporate them with the wardrobe into a single unit to get an organized and neat look. You should have only the absolutely necessary furniture that will be functional, or even multi-functional if possible. And when you lay out the furniture, start with the biggest one in size. First comes the bed and after it the wardrobe, bedside tables, desk (if any), shelving and so on. Rugs should go underneath the lower 2/3 of the bed to provide proper cushioning when you walk. Make sure you choose the right rug with comfortable padding and soft materials.

Positioning of the TV

Even though experts recommend avoiding a TV in the bedroom, it’s nice to have some sort of entertainment there. Sometimes you need just to relax and watch your favourite late-night show or the recent episode of a popular TV series. The perfect position for the TV is 75-85cm off the floor, this is considered to be at eye level. The best option would be to go with a wall-mounted TV so you can adjust it if needed.
If your bedroom is medium-sized, the perfect TV size is 32-42 inches. If it’s bigger or smaller you can accommodate it accordingly. This setting will provide the perfect body position to watch TV without straining your neck and back. After you mount it, don’t forget to hide all of the wires so the bedroom will be neat and clutter-free.

Ergonomic Mattress

If you’ve been looking to buy adjustable bed for a while now and can’t seem to find the perfect one for you, there is always another option – getting an ergonomic mattress. It can be a great investment because we spend a lot of time sleeping, and our body needs the right position to get quality sleep. Similar to the bed, the mattress works on improving your body posture while you rest. Depending on your weight and sleeping position, you have a choice between soft, medium and firm mattresses.
A good ergonomic mattress is designed to relieve any back pain you might have. It gives your body the necessary support, relieves stress on the bones and muscles and keeps the natural alignment of the spine. It also improves your blood circulation by distributing your weight evenly and not pressuring any part of the body. With a combination of an ergonomic mattress and the proper linen, your bed will feel like heaven. 

Furniture Height

Experts recommend that the average height of the bed together with the mattress should be between 40 and 63cm, depending on the person. The bedside table should line up with the mattress or 5cm shorter, but no more than that. The dressing table should be 80-90cm high, and if you own a study table keep it between 65-75cm for a comfortable position when you use it. Keep these measurements in mind next time you shop for some furniture, this way you’ll get a real ergonomic bedroom.

In Summary

Investing in your sleep quality and your health can never be a bad decision. It’s a big part of our life and it’s the time when our body and mind regenerate and gather strength for the next day. By improving your sleep you’ll feel happier, refreshed, motivated and more efficient every day.