Wild Wild Western Shirts: Tips on How to Ride This Style The Right Way

The western style has never even left the fashion stage, it has simply been through some variations and changes that ultimately lead to perfecting the entire genre, not diminishing it. In time, this has become one of the most iconic and globally recognized styles around. So, how can you pull it off, you may wonder…

One key tip that goes for the entire look is to find pieces that have subtle western accents but don’t give out the vibe of Woody from Toy Story. You certainly don’t want to look like you are wearing a costume, right? Well, one piece that can certainly make or break the whole look is the shirt. Western shirts have been and still are the epitome of western culture.

Western Shirt

How to Wear Them?

Don’t be too alarmed at the costume connotation. The modern western trend doesn’t require wearing typical western pieces from head to toe. That is why western shirts are the key that can help you achieve the look without the risk of looking all cowboy-like. First, you have the choice to opt for western-style denim, cord or checkered shirt. These are easy to wear and reflect the more casual side of this style. However, there are quite a lot of models of western shirts that sport a curved pattern piece called a yoke. It is usually on the back and in some cases, it is even decorated.

As for the bottoms, if you do decide to wear western shirts, avoid leather pants. Instead, go for light-wash denim, or a pair of black slim-fitting jeans. These will balance out the touch of extravagance “louder” shirts bring about. When you combine denim shirts and jeans, make sure that the denim doesn’t match. Even if the shirt is checkered, and you wear a denim jacket to complement the jeans, still try to make a subtle variation in washes and shades. This will make them fit together, but not to the extent of looking like a matching set.

Wild Western Shirts

And, lastly, accessories. Remember, less is more. Be careful and don’t overdo it. You can go for a tooled leather belt with a western statement buckle and easily add a Western look to the outfit. Just don’t go for a buckle that is too big and flashy. Instead, choose metals and colours that match the rest of the outfit. Or, if you’re going to wear an all-black outfit, you can add contrast and colour by wearing a red bandana. And if you opted for a denim combo, then a blue bandana can add to the whole charm.