Why Should You Opt for a 3 Way Fridge for Your Caravan

A home on wheels – the best getaway from the urban jungle. Yup, the amazing function of the caravan! It makes a great little home away from home and most people would like their home on wheels to include all the small conveniences they are used to having at home. That means buying an oven, a fridge, and other kitchen conveniences that will make your trip much more enjoyable. To help you out a bit, in this post we’ll focus on all the things you should consider when buying a fridge for your getaway home.3 Way Fridge

Looking for a caravan 3 way fridge for sale is not really complex, but it does involve a couple of considerations. The reason I said a 3 way fridge, is because it can run for weeks on end, providing an incredibly cheap and efficient means of power for an extended time period. Moreover, you don’t have to spend extra money on charging solutions and batteries. Plus, caravans are usually small which means your bed is close to the kitchen, so the 3 way fridge is an excellent choice as it doesn’t make any noise.

Furthermore, when looking for caravan 3 way fridge for sale, consider how big you want the fridge to be and how much free space your caravan has. It’s always best to pick the smallest one possible that can meet your needs. Not only does a small fridge uses less power than a big one, but a full fridge uses less power than an empty fridge of the same size. It’s possible to add an additional cooler in it, in cases when there is a lot of extra stuff to keep cool. Moreover, a smaller fridge is also easier to move around and remove once it no longer functions properly.

Next, make sure the insulation and ventilation of the fridge are at an optimum level for maximum efficiency. Not all fridges come with enough insulation, so you might have to add a bit extra. Consider getting cold air sinks, a top-loading fridge, because when a standard side opening fridge is opened, the cool air goes out and warm air replaces it. A top-loading fridge on the other hand, keeps the cool air much better. For safety reasons, ensure the fridge is below 5 degrees Celsius, else bacteria can start growing.

And lastly, consider the power means. I mentioned that 3 way fridges don’t need batteries or charges to work, but instead they need either evaporating ammonia or gas power. Where solar power is not an option, gas can be used, otherwise you can simply plug it on the electrical system. Remember to never run a 3 way fridge on gas while driving the caravan.