When Christmas Madness Knocked on My Door

curtains-made-to-order When it’s time to begin the preparations for Christmas, we all seem a bit lost. Sometimes it’s because we say “Christmas came too early this year and we’re not prepared”, other times it’s because “OMG time flies so fast, the ending of the year is around the corner and I’m literally scared” and all kinds of similar phrases we all have used at the beginning of December. But if you’re a truly Christmas-crazed person like me, you’ve already made all your holiday lists in the head and you can’t wait to start converting them in reality. Although I make or buy a few decorations every year, I’ve never had a real Christmas magazine look in my home… and that’s all I actually want for Christmas! So I saved up some money in the last few months and decided to welcome the birth of Jesus and the New Year with a calming, intimate – feng shui décor that gives a Christmassy feel.

If You Like It You Should Put a Curtain on It

This is not just because Christmas is here. I really needed to change my old, long and heavy white curtains that as time passed by became gray and very very ugly. But the Christmas cheer was yet another crucial moment for my decision to look for curtains made to order around the web. It was a constant battle between a chios and a kasos sheer, so when I really had to make up my mind I chose the kasos sheer and I’m lovin it! After all the “millions of bookmarks with curtains made to order “ nightmare that my computer went through, I’m happy to say I made the best curtain decision!chrismas-tree

I’m a Punk Rocker With Flowers in My Christmas Tree

I want to say hello to the New Year with fresh ideas and a clean mind. This past year was a confusing roller coaster ride that had its ups and downs, so I really wanted to change the ride and get on a new one with an open mind that wouldn’t know of stereotypes and negative thoughts. To break the taboos in the house I decided to start with the Christmas tree. I got rid of all the Santa ornaments and bought an astonishing floral arrangement that brings a new kind of hope and joy in the home. My Christmas tree this year will be a real garden of Eden that will make an awesome Instagram holiday post.

The Family Season is the Reason for a Welcoming Home Decor

The holiday season for me is only about family and close friends. These are the few days of the year when we sit down all together, share yummy food, good thoughts and happy wishes and say how we will definitely make a family reunion this year although deep down we know it’ll never happen. I decided that I don’t want the kids’ postcard Christmas feel in my home this year, so I threw all the decorations from last year and the years before and with a few new details I gave a whole new intimate and personal holiday décor that will make my family feel comfortable while eating my special Christmas lemon cake followed with a quality glass of sweet red wine.

The last month of the year is the time when we make a little retrospective off all the events from the past eleven months, so it may be emotional, happy or exciting, but we have to be fully prepared for the year that’s yet to come. Decorating our homes for Christmas is not only a trend that’s spreading like a virus all over the planet, it’s an interesting way to say hello to a newcomer and make that newcomer feel safe and comfy in our intimate nooks. Ho, ho, ho! Happy decorating everyone!