Wedding Décor Ideas: Make Your Special Day Even More Special

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in every couple’s life. It’s the beginning of a new chapter where both partners merge into one. You say yes to growing old together and having a bunch of kids and grandkids with whom you will be sharing all those amazing stories of how you two met and, of course, your wedding day.

Since this day is so meaningful for both of you, you want the reception to be the same – unique, special and memorable. To achieve that, you can buy pillar candle, which is an irreplaceable wedding decor for tables, and many other accessories or items that will make this day truly special. Let’s start!

Light Up Your Wedding Day with Candles

Candlelight is magical! There is something so relaxing and intriguing when you watch the flickering flame. That is why there is no better time to use candles than on your wedding day. Although they are used for lighting, they make one of the most romantic and elegant wedding decor features you can think of. Candles give you a lot of options and ways you can decorate your wedding tables, wedding aisle, and so on. So, in order to bring this magic into your wedding day, you can buy pillar candle, or a floating, taper, and a variety of other candle types that you like.

beach themed wedding reception decoration ideas with floating lanterns and pillar candles

A pillar candle is such a versatile wedding decor that you will be amazed how much can it affect your ambient, especially after the sun goes down. If you are wondering, “How can I make my wedding ballroom unique?” then you can start with some amazing wedding decorations that involve pillar candles as table centrepieces.

For example, you can add some greenery and white roses or magnolias with pillar candles in clear glass cylinder candle holders in the middle. Depending on your style and preferences, the roses can be in different colours, such as dusty rose, other shades of pink, red, etc. You can also add taper candles in a glass candle holder or floating tealights in a hurricane candle holder. This will instantly make your wedding so much more romantic and unique.

However, if you don’t want the greenery, you can skip it and have only pillar candles in clear square holders arranged in different heights as the centrepiece. This will elevate the decor and make your wedding romantic and elegant at the same time. Nevertheless, you can create a romantic atmosphere for your wedding aisle by placing pillar candles in clear cube boxes.

Make It Magical with Glass Vases

Since you know the power of the candle flame, what about flowers as the centrepiece on your wedding day? You can arrange the flowers however you want, but make sure you opt for a glass vase. There is something so effortlessly chic when you see flowers in glass vases at the wedding. For example, you can go for a clear cylinder vase and place some white orchids or white calla lilies inside. You can also fill these vases with different coloured acrylic beads and LED lights to make them shine magically in the evening.

wedding flower centerpiece in glass vases

However, if you want to add a little bit more elegance and drama to your floral centrepiece, you can go for a tall clear vase and have some pearls dropping elegantly from the flower bouquet. This elegant tall flower centrepiece will look amazing and catch everyone’s attention. Another vase that won’t disappoint is a martini glass vase. When you combine this glamorous vase with some pastel flowers, you have created a fairytale centrepiece. You can add some acrylic beads on the bottom of the glass, or you can fill it only with the flower arrangement.

Wedding Chalkboard to Bring Some Personality

Wedding chalkboards are popular and for all the right reasons. Because of their lovely appearance, they can easily fit into any wedding theme: rustic, vintage, romantic wedding, and so on. They are very useful whenever you need to inform your guests of important wedding info, such as directions to the venue, the entire wedding schedule (ceremony, cocktails, dinner, etc.), or if you want the seating chart written on the chalkboard.

However, they can also be a great way to add a personal touch to your unique ceremony. For example, you can use them to welcome your guests to your special ceremony, ask them to put away the phones for the ceremony, and so on.

Wedding Bubbles to Make It More Fun

Wedding favours are an excellent way to make your guests feel welcomed and valued. Although you may want something expensive and exquisite, sometimes small and simple is better. Also, it is way better if you are on a tight budget or have a big wedding with a lot of guests. Although you may find thousands of ideas for wedding favours, one that stands out and brings out the child in all of us is wedding bubbles.

couple walking thru wedding bubbles

There is something so genuine about them, and most importantly they are fun! Instead of having rice thrown at you, the venue will be filled with amazing bubbles in no time. Not to mention that it might create some of the best wedding photos. You will have a blast and so will your guests, which is what every wedding should have. And even after some time, every time they look at the wedding bubbles, they will be able to remember all of the fun they had at your wedding.

Special Wedding Guest Book

You can get creative and think of any ideas that can make your wedding guest book interesting and special. There are many great ideas out there, so make sure you go for something that fits your theme. For example, you can have a heart-shaped glass dropbox instead of a regular wedding guest book and have your guests sign their names and write something sweet on small hearts before putting them inside the box. This way, you can put it in your home and always remember everyone that made your special day even more special and unique.

To sum up, your wedding day is one of the most memorable and important days in your life. Keeping that in mind, everything you choose or arrange will be special. However, don’t forget to relax and have a good time since you don’t want to tell your grandkids how nervewracking everything was, right?