We Can Be Gardeners (Even) Just for One Day

Orange Tree

The preservation of the world lies in the wilderness and the greenery. But in this world that is becoming more unwild each day where we only occasionally stay in touch with fragments of nature, how are we to nurture the preservation of the forests, the plants and the green environment? We’re slowly entering a new layer of urgency with each bought car, with each factory opened and with each indifference towards the mighty plants around us. We can’t count on politicians when it comes to protecting our planet, but what we can do is develop our environmental consciousness so that each and every one of us contributes for a better, fresher and greener tomorrow. We should be more emphatic with our planet and keep in mind that every seemingly unimportant step can make a small difference to keep our only home safe and unharmed.

The start of something big always begins with our deepest and most sincerest desires. If David Bowie dreamed that he would become one of the most successful and revolutionary rock icons in the history of humankind, it was all because of his pure and sincere love towards music and composing. Thanks to that deep desire we can still enjoy the beats of the coolest music genius of the contemporary world. I’m sure that when he first started playing the guitar he didn’t have all of that in mind, but as he grew old, his desires grew even bigger and only because he listened to them he is what he will always be: our all time favorite extravagant musician.


If you’re asking yourself what does all of this have to do with gardening, be patient I’m getting there. Think about it, if David Bowie started playing out of hobby, who says that you can’t start helping our precious planet out of hobby? I started gardening many years ago and I strongly believe my little backyard garden helps our beautiful world to get back on its feet. Exploring the mysteries of the green protectors of our planet, I learned that gardening, science and life have a lot in common: with our humble human help seeds can grow into beautiful plants, plants give us oxygen and oxygen helps us breathe. I mean, I’m aware that we all know that, but experiencing it feels way more real than any documentary you’ve seen or any biology class you’ve taken. However, even today with my vast knowledge of seeds and plants, I can’t go a day without my favorite book on gardening that always offers something new and interesting that helps me get my hands dirty in the backyard.

When I first started planting, I bought every single book on gardening I could find online and in the library stores and studied them for weeks. It’s true that the real skills come only from performing, but I wouldn’t have gained those skills without the proper introduction to gardening and I got that from all the great books that accidentally or not ended up in my hands throughout the years. I’m more than proud to say out loud that thanks to the trees I’ve planted, the production of oxygen has increased a little bit and that this special oxygen fabrication has a direct impact on my family, myself and the planet itself.

An occasional touch with nature will definitely benefit our environment in many ways. Try planting a tree by the book on gardening and you’ll see what a difference an hour of your day can make to your whole life. If you make some room for eatable plants in your garden, you will start eating healthier and cheaper. Also whatever plant you have it will remove all the unnecessary chemicals and bacteria from the water in the ground, which means plants are not only the greatest oxygen factories on the planet, they are also the best natural disinfectants. What more could you ask for? A friend that helps you live and protects our planet Earth should be everyone’s best friend. So let’s all just grab those books on gardening and become gardeners even just for one day.