Ways to Make Your Cat Feel More at Home

Don’t you love seeing a happy, calm and playful cat ат home? Well, this can’t certainly happen overnight, especially if you have just adopted one. Getting used to a new home can be as difficult for cats as it is for humans, which is why you as the owner need to everything to make this process easier. While playing with your cat and providing good food might be the first steps towards making her feel loved and wanted, you need to do more in order to improve her comfort.

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Get a Cat Window Seat

For all we know by now is that cats are fans of windows. They simply love seating in a comfy cat window seat, disconnecting from the inside world and getting lost somewhere out there. On the market, you’ll find fancy and comfortable window cat beds that will allow your cat to relax in the sun, observe and simply enjoy the sight.

Usually, these cat window beds come in different shapes and sizes, but the thing that stays the same for all is that they are easy to assemble. Securely and easily attached to the window or on the windows sill, these beds are a great way to give your cat the perfect place where she can nap or observe the outdoors.

cat sitting by the window
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One thing is certain, these beds can help your cat feel like being outdoors, especially during the colder time of the year. This would somehow mean getting some zen time of her own, a happy hour where your cat will be able to stare and observe everything that moves on the outside. By installing a bed of this kind, you will also allow your cat to keep an eye on you while you’re working outside.

All in all, these beds are a great way for giving your cat a fun place to hang out while not compromising her mental health. In other words, it is always good to give your indoor cat a little more mental stimulation, and these beds are a great idea. Cats simply love having an elevated place or surface, where they could do their own thing and lounge, so investing in a window bed like this would be awesome. Just make sure that the chosen window bed model has a removable and washable cover so you could keep your cat’s hygiene at the highest level.

Invest in a Good Scratch Post

Besides napping and purring, the other thing cats love the most is scratching. So, instead of risking your cat destroying the furniture and rugs in your home, you could invest in a scratch post. Appealing and stylish, a scratch post will keep your cat busy and happy. Plus, it will keep her claws in great condition for hunting, climbing and self-defence of course.

cat and its scratching post
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Made of corrugated cardboard, natural rope fibres or carpets, you can easily find the one that can best meet your cat needs. They are available in a range of sizes, and the price is quite pocket-friendly, giving you the opportunity to try different scratch posts and invest in the one that is perfect for your cat.

Find a Good Cat Carrier

In order to help your little friend feel welcomed, you will also need to invest in a good cat carrier. In other words, cat cages are a safe place for cats, especially when they need to be moved from one place to another. Although they hate being in there, they would love the idea of feeling safe when having to move from one place to another. So, you can be sure that your cat won’t get lost, and once you step a foot in your home, you should release it.

That way, cats develop a special connection with their cat cages, and they will even love the idea of napping in there when having to go somewhere. They will consider it as their sacred place, a place where they can relax.

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Just like with everything else, cat carriers can come in different sizes, styles, shapes and materials, giving you the opportunity to choose one that can best meet yours and the needs of your cat. Metal, plastic and canvas are some of the most popular choices. If you’re considering getting a canvas crate. make sure that is water-resistant while also providing good sun, wind and rain protection. Usually, these crates also have door openings on both sides and the doors are roll-ups which also makes opening and closing them easy.

Now, the type of cat carrier you choose can mainly depend on your personal needs and travel requirements. If opting for a plastic and metal cage, make sure it has padding, so it can improve your cat’s comfort. The last but not least thing to consider is the crate’s size. Usually, they are available in small, medium and large size, so you can easily find one that will fit your cat comfortably..

Provide a Litter Box

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Let’s be honest about this, litter boxes are essential for indoor cats. Whether they want their presence to be known or they plan to hide it, the truth is that they would love the idea of having their own place in the bathroom. That way, they could do whatever they want in their very own place without being disturbed. On the other hand, this is a great way to keep everything clean, plus, it’ll be easier for you to clean its designated space. Just keep in mind that for each cat in your home, you’ll have to provide a separate litter box. This is essential in preventing territorial behaviour.