Wardrobe Essentials for Every Stylish Teenage Girl

Teenage girl outfits

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If you’re a teenage girl, you probably laugh at the photos from a few years ago. “What was I thinking when I wore that?” As a teen girl, your style is changing constantly. You’re growing and developing, and your taste in fashion will change as you grow older. So what seems trendy and fashionable to you today, won’t necessarily be in style in a couple of years from now. But that doesn’t mean that you have to embarrassed to experiment and wear the things you like.

It’s not only corporate ladies that want to dress good. Pre-teen and teen girls simply love fashion. They like to dress up, follow trends and wear trendy clothes. Whether they like to recreate the looks of their favourite celebrities, or are still building their style, young ladies nowadays have plenty of choices when it comes to clothes suitable for their age. Today more than ever, girls get to choose from various models, brands, designers and styles, for all types of clothes, shoes, and various seasons. A teen dress, comfy clothes, jeans, sneakers, boots, you name it – all of these should find their way in your wardrobe.

Simple Skirts and Shorts

Teenage skirt

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The hot summer days are ideal for skirts and shorts. Simple and monochromatic shorts and skirts are the ideal piece of clothing, easy for combining with t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, hoodies, light denim jackets or blazers. You can even wear these in the colder fall or winter days, combined with tights and sweaters, boots and a warm jacket.

Denim, faux leather, cotton, you name the material – you can have them in any variant. Maybe at some point in your teen life, you hated wearing skirts, thinking they’re too girly, and you are too cool for that. But you know what – skirts are an excellent piece. They don’t have to be too short, you can choose the midi or long length to match your style (especially if it’s boho).

Dresses in All Lengths

Teen dresses

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What’s a girls’ wardrobe without at least one dress in it. You can find a cute teen dress in any length, colour and in any cut. From loose to tight and from short to long – it’s all up to you. But it’s best to have a little bit of everything so that you can experiment and find what looks and works best for you.

Allow yourself to be creative and free in your choice, no matter what style you have. For instance, you can easily mix a floral pattern teen dresses with combat boots and a leather jacket, or a simple black dress with neon tights, a colourful backpack and a jacket in a bright colour. Allow your dress to be the base of your combination and then just add layers. Ideal for all seasons, a dress is the easiest thing to wear; it doesn’t require a lot of effort and thinking about how to combine it.

Comfy Hoodies

Teenage girls in hoodies

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Hoodies are the best. You can wear them at home, school, outside while hanging out with your friends, for the movies, dates, just anywhere. A hoodie can work as a staple piece of clothing that can complete any outfit; wear it with jeans, shorts, leggings, even with a skirt or a dress. You’re now a teen so bright colours are more than welcomed. Warm, oversized and it has pockets; what’s not to love? Wear it as an oversized dress (you can wear shorts underneath) combined with your favourite sneakers or even boots. Use it as a part of the several layers of clothes you will wear on colder days. In fact, wear it just any way you want, since hoodies are meant to give you the freedom, comfort and softness you need to go through your day.

Cool Jeans

Jeans for teenage girls

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No closet in the world can go without a pair of good jeans. Literally, the only piece of clothing that stays no matter the trends and the current fashion. Whether they’re ripped, skinny, boyfriend cut, light coloured or dark, jeans will be jeans. They’re comfortable and go with everything from a hoodie, to a crop top or a jean jacket. Ideal for the long days at school when you need to wear something decent and yet comfortable. Excellent for a party, or a laidback day in the park.

Comfortable Sneakers

Sneakers for teen girls

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Other types of shoes are probably catching your attention now, but for most of the part, you need comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk the school corridors, run for the school bus and simply feel comfortable. No matter how old you are, sneakers are the best shoes you’ll ever wear. As your feet grow, the best way to endure the day is to wear a pair of quality sneakers that will allow you to walk and run freely.

Sneakers nowadays are worn with literally anything including dresses, skirts, and clothes that are more formal. If in the past it was unimaginable to wear a dress with sneakers, today girls and women adore this combination not only because it’s a perfect street fashion statement, but also because it’s comfortable. The models of sneakers vary so you can find various options for running, jogging, hiking, urban wear, and sneakers with cool decorations, stickers and emblems.