Vinyl Floor Covering Buying Guide


Are you looking for a durable, flexible and affordable flooring option? Vinyl floor covering can be the right choice for you. It adds style as it is available in a great range of natural stone, wood and beautiful mosaic designs. And with all the perks it offers, such as easy installation and maintenance and low cost, vinyl floor covering is becoming more and more popular flooring choice, both for residential and commercial properties.

Installation is one of the greatest advantages vinyl floor covering offers. Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared, meaning once you get a smooth and dry subfloor, you can install vinyl floor covering. And what’s great about vinyl floor covering is that it can be installed over an old ceramic floor, concrete, wood, etc. Also, another great thing about vinyl floor covering

You can choose one between of tree different types of commercial vinyl floor covering:

  • Sheet (a good choice for high-moisture areas like bathrooms. It comes pre0sized or can be cut to given measurements or in prepared rolls. Floor style will define the adhesive type and method).
  • Tile (manufactured in standard dimensions and thickness which makes easy replacement of damage vinyl floor covering tiles. It gives a finished look to a room and is available in many different patterns. Also, self-adhesive tiles are available and are the easiest to install).
  • Plank (usually manufactured in standard width and length. Features an appearance of real hardwood floor and it is cheap and effortless to install and maintain).

Vinyl floor covering is very easy to maintained. Made with natural materials and recycled polyvinyl chloride, makes this flooring solution strong, durable, water proof and slip-resistant. All you need is a soft broom for sweeping and a clean, damp mop or a cloth. However, regardless of how easy maintenance is, make sure you clean any spots, marks or spillages immediately. Also, if you want to protect your vinyl floor covering from tear or scuff, use protective covers.

Vinyl floor covering can save you a lot of money. Compared to other flooring material, it can cost you about 70% less. And the fact that you don’t need to remove your old floor to install a new one, saves you on labor too. Because maintenance is also easy and does not require any expensive cleaning solutions, make the vinyl floor covering super affordable. Choosing the right vinyl floor covering and regular care is all you need to keep you vinyl floor looking new at all times.