Types of Streetwear Jeans: The Staples of the Street Look

Why do men love streetwear style? Well, it’s same as asking and answering the dilemma on why men swear by western pieces time and time again. The chance to wear pieces that don’t drain the wallet, look good with various styles and pieces you already have in your closet, and on top of it all, feel comfortable even with all-day wear are some of the reasons.

What Kind of Style is Streetwear?

The kind that brings together people of all generations, no matter whether you’re a man in your tweens, teens, twentysomethings, adulthood or beyond. It’s also the kind of style that’s fit for a range of occasions and professions, as it’s become the staple for daily wear, rest and play, as much as for work, workouts, and date nights.

What Kind of Style is Streetwear?
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It’s also not that difficult to pull off as there are a few essentials you should stick to, like the statement tops in the form of casual T-shirt or hoodie, and of course the unavoidable sneaker worn beneath the cool pants. And yet, given that the faces of these bottoms are many, especially now in 2023, I thought I might give you some info on them.

Types of Streetwear Pants

This way, you can be sure you build your streetwear look with the right amount of knowledge. From the stylish and comfortable streetwear jeans for men you can wear with just about anything and the relaxed and timeless wide-leg chinos, work pants, carpenter pants, as well as sweatpants, you’re spoiled for choice.


Who would’ve thought the work-related invention in the 1800s would make it so big in the fashion industry? Fast forward to today, the variety of streetwear jeans is truly nothing short of impressive, so you have plenty to choose from regarding the size, wash, style, and even fit. To get that iconic ‘90s and beginning of the ‘00s look, the suggestion would be to go straight to the baggy designs, although don’t be surprised to see these streetwear pants can come in slim fit too.

If you’re not that much into either of the two options that are polar opposites, there’s just the style for you: straight-leg jeans. The clean and mor fitted look, the perfect amount of looseness just below the knee make these jeans ideal for a man into adding some of streetwear’s appeal and comfort without going overboard.

And don’t you worry – this trend has proven to be here to stay no matter how many cuts and fits of jeans may come and go. The bonus is you getting a slimmer silhouette thanks to the specific cut but also the fabric these streetwear jeans are made from (e.g. cotton and the right dose of elastane) which is meant to soften and sculpt to your body. Choose the wash you like, lighter for casual and daily outings, darker for the dressier and night occasions, top it off with a shirt of your choice, add some sneakers and a well-chosen accessory like a cap, or trendy jewellery for a little bit of bling, and you’re good to go!

Wide-Leg Chinos

Wide-Leg Chinos
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Want to take things more to the dressier side than your regular pair of jeans, but don’t want to go too far? Then these smart-casual bottoms are just the right pick for you. Available in different colours, with varying features, you can easily introduce them into your wardrobe and combine them with your favourite white tee and sneaker just as much as with your favourite polo or button-down shirt, and a neat pair of ankle boots so you look smart for that special date.

Work Pants

If you’re all up for more functionality from your outfits, whether for work or even for leisure, then what you need is a pair of double-knee work pants. Why look elsewhere when you can choose your ideal look right from the brand that made these pants trendy in the first place. Yes, I’m talking about Carhartt, the name still present on the fashion scene with their iconic pieces known for the toughness and durability. Style them up with a tee or hoodie of your choice, wear them with your sneakers, add a beanie in the mix, and you can count on a sleek outcome.

Carpenter Pants

Carpenter Pants
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An option similar to the previous, these pants come with all the right features (e.g. hammer loop, utility pockets) minus the double-knee element. Although these too were primarily designed for the work scene, they look cool, and are more than welcome in the streetwear world. Oversized tops in neutral colours and white sneaker combos are things you can swear by for your daily errands.


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, no one could have imagined we’d all be into the sweatpant, even those who didn’t want anything to do with streetwear style before. And yet, here we are in post-pandemic 2023, and still very much in favour of that relaxed fit and comfort. As there’s more of a blur in the line between smart and casual, these bottoms have become acceptable for various occasions, especially the fleece-backed cotton designs you can easily dress up and down as you see fit.