Tower Crane Operators – Responsibilities, Skills And Qualifications

There many different types of cranes, and one common crane type that is widely used all over Australia is the tower crane. The crane is one of the largest lifting machines and is the most efficient crane in the construction industry. The operators of the tower cranes in Australia must have experience and knowledge about the construction equipment in general, but more precisely about cranes. Tower crane operators need to know how each part of a tower crane operates, how tower cranes runs and everything else related to tower cranes.


What Are The Responsibilities Of Tower Crane Operators?

The tower cranes Australia operators have many responsibilities. Many crane accidents happen due to small errors or operators’ inattention, so they need to understand their responsibilities completely. The main responsibilities of the tower crane operators are to fully understand the functions of the machine, its capability and limits and the working principle. The operators need to know not only how to operate a tower crane, but also how to repair the machine in case of an emergency. Also, knowing how to work with different pedals and levers in order to rotate the crane is also important.

The tower cranes Australia operators should always check if the site is prepared for the tower crane, and to supervise the whole operation. In some cases, the tower cranes operators are involved in assembling and setting up the tower crane, so they need to have basic understanding about the crane parts. The tower crane operators need to be able to work under different weather conditions. They usually work 8 hours a day, five days in a week, but sometimes even overtime, if the project is delayed. Also, operating tower cranes outdoors requires high attention because different accidents can happen.

Which Skills Tower Cranes Operators Need To Posses?

The tower crane operators need to be excellent decision-makers and to be prepared to work both independently and in a team. However, they need to posses a unique set of skills, including ability to work at heights, coordination dexterity, good vision, to know different hand signals and the communication style of the tower crane operators. Also, they need to have stamina and enough strength to lift loads with weight of 25 kg.

Which Qualifications Tower Crane Operators Must Have?

To become a tower crane operator, you need to complete a special course, also known as an apprenticeship training program. To be included in an apprenticeship training program, you need to be at least 18 years old, and to have a high school diploma. The apprenticeship training for a tower crane operator takes 2 years to complete and includes a minimum of 2000 hours of basic training and 6 weeks of technical training. After successfully completing the training program, you will get the certificate for a tower crane operator, and will be able to work legally at every construction site.