Top Tips for How to Pick the Best Bedding for Babies

Before your new family member comes home, you want everything to be perfectly set. From furniture and toys to clothing and bedding – everything should be squeaky clean and fresh. You want your baby to feel comfortable and safe even when you are not around. For first-time mums, buying the perfect bedding for their little one can be confusing. You want to ensure that your munchkin will be completely safe in her/his cot without the risk of tangled sheets or overheating. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Choose the right crib and mattress

Before you even start looking for bedding, you should make sure you’ve chosen the right sleeping unit for your baby. Babies are fussy sleepers so it’s a good idea to choose something lightweight and portable that you can also use in your bedroom for the first few months. Babies don’t need a lot of pillows so a simple mattress will be just fine. For additional protection from leaky nappies, you can consider a waterproof mattress protector. One made of natural materials like bamboo is definitely a winning combination.

bamboo cot sheet


Bedding for baby

The bedding you choose for your little one can directly affect her/his sleep. Natural fibres are best for thermoregulation and that’s what makes them your baby’s best ally in getting a good night’s sleep. Also, we recommend looking for fitted sheets because they will stay in place no matter how active your baby is throughout the night. Moreover, they are safe and you will avoid tangled sheets around your little one.

With that being said, buying a bamboo fitted cot sheet is your best choice due to various reasons. If you’re wondering are bamboo sheets hypoallergenic, the answer is yes. Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic which makes it the perfect choice for sensitive skin. Moreover, bamboo cot sheets can protect the skin from breakouts caused by microorganisms, they are non-allergenic and non-irritating.

Bamboo is grown without insecticide and pesticides and it is 100% organic. Another reason why we love these organic crib sheets is that they have thermal regulating properties. This means that when sleeping on a bamboo fitted cot sheet, your baby will stay cold when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold outside. And if you were wondering do bamboo sheets make you sweat, you’ll be happy to learn that they are great at wicking away excess moisture from your baby’s skin. This means your little one will remain dry, comfortable and fresh.

Bamboo is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton which means your baby will enjoy quality sleep. It is super-soft to the touch and has a strong texture that doesn’t pill easily. Since bamboo has natural UV protection, you can also use these sheets as a sun-safe shade for your car or pram whenever you are out. And if one of your biggest concerns is can bamboo sheets go in the dryer, rest assured that they can. Keeping bamboo sheets clean is easy as they can be machine washed and dried as well.

Blankets and sleepwear for babies

For newborn babies, it’s recommended to use wraps that are lightweight and made from natural materials as swaddling helps them feel secure and calm. Also, swaddling encourages babies to sleep on their back, which reduces the risk of SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Eight plus months – Once your little one has grown up a bit and has learned how to roll over from back to front, you can be a little less constraining with his/her sleeping arrangements. Your baby will want to have his/her arms free to play with things, so during this time, you can consider using a sleeping bag. There are some really great options out there – you can choose from lightweight or padded models, depending on the season. Before buying a sleeping bag, make sure the armholes and neck are suitable for your baby’s size.

baby sleeping on stomach


Tips for a safe sleep

Make sure you don’t overdress your baby when putting him/her to bed. Use layers as you would on yourself. The point is for your little munchkin to feel comfortable, neither too cold or too hot. Feel your baby’s chest or back with your hand to check his body temperature and see whether he/she is comfortably warm. When sleeping, make sure you don’t cover your little one’s head. Babies don’t need any bonnets, hats, hooded clothing or beanies in bed. Never use wheat bags, hot water bottles or electric blankets. A cozy bamboo blanket and a fitted sheet are all your little one needs for a warm and comfortable good night’s sleep.