Top Reasons to Invest in an Ergonomically Correct Computer Station

Everyone working in an office needs to do their best to make sure their work station is as comfortable as possible for the sake of their health and productivity. People spend a lot of money on ergonomic chairs, but many neglect the other parts of their working station, such as the computer hardware they use, the height of the monitor, and the desk itself.

That being said, having an ergonomically correct computer station has numerous benefits, if you set it up right. Things like having your monitor at eye level, keeping your knees bent with your feet on the ground, aligning your elbows properly, matter big time. Moreover, having the equipment that you use frequently, such as the monitor and mouse, within reach at all times, while getting the things that you barely use out of the way is a good way to increase productivity and get rid of the unnecessary clutter.

However, there are also some general rules you should follow in order to reduce straining your eyes and back. Sitting properly, for example, is key. You need to actively pay attention to your posture while sitting, otherwise the expensive ergonomic chair won’t be of much help. Your posture is also impacted by the height of your monitor – you shouldn’t have to look down or up to be able to do your job.

Furthermore, as briefly aforementioned, the right keyboard and mouse can make a world of difference. Working with a badly designed mouse can lead to some scary conditions like tendonitis, carpal tunnel and damaged nerves. Not only does the type of mouse matter, but the way you hold it is important as well. This is also related to posture, but making sure your wrist is properly bent, and that your elbows are the ones doing the majority of the movements is key.

Similarly, the keyboard plays a huge role in having an ergonomically correct computer station, and reducing the chances of carpal tunnel and wrist injuries. Again, the position plays a crucial role, and ensuring the keyboard isn’t too low or too high can reduce a lot of the stress from your arms. You should be able to type with your elbows close to your body, but not close enough to strain your shoulders.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that no matter how ergonomic your workstation is, you should still take breaks regularly. By standing up and taking a short walk to the bathroom or kitchen, or simply stretching, you help relieve the stress from your body.