Top Reasons to Get a Battery Box for Camping: Enjoy Power Off the Grid

Battery boxes are the portable power preference for campers and outdoorsmen when they’re off the grid and in need of a reliable energy source for lights, a water heater, or any number of other small accessories. They’re the ideal solution for users who want to spend time off the grid, but don’t want to be involved with the nuts and bolts of assembling power systems. They want plug-in/power-up convenience that lets them stay focused on their primary interests, and that’s precisely what battery boxes have to offer.

There are a lot of battery boxes on the market though, and each one has its own range of output and connector options. The best battery boxes, however, not only give you the flexibility to assemble a power system that matches your needs, but can be instantly reconfigured to match changes in power requirements without the urgent assistance of an electrical expert.

Getting the Most From Versatile Camping Battery Boxes 

battery box on table

From a standalone power source that you can carry to the beach or any remote site, to an integral part of a dual battery setup that’s mounted on your tray, deep cycle battery boxes for camping and other outdoor activities are the perfect choice for simplifying your portable power demands. And with the ability to take a fully charged deep cycle battery with you anytime you go camping or boating, you’ll be surprised by just how far you can go, and how long you can stay.

Top-of-the-line portable battery power boxes are designed for use with all types of 12V deep cycle batteries that are rated from 60Ah to 130Ah. Straightforward OFF / ON switching, and basic battery voltage displays are perfect for campers who want to keep things simple but still want a broad variety of power options that can include:

·   4 x 50A, and 1 x 175A Anderson-type input and output ports;

·   2 x 12V, 10A cigarette plug output ports; and,

·   1 x USB-A and 1 x USB-C charging ports.

It’s primarily through the use of Anderson plugs, however, that modern battery boxes are able to demonstrate their full functionality. Not only do they allow you to charge all your accessories through their 50A ports, but you can also use a 12V – 50A voltage-sensitive relay (VSR) through the same port to independently charge your box’s battery from either your vehicle’s battery or a solar source. The 175A port even enables you to use your battery box to jump-start your vehicle, making them one of the most versatile, all-round charging solutions.

Battery Boxes That are Built to Withstand Being Outdoors 

battery box in nature

Make no mistake: when it comes to the build quality of battery boxes, Australia requires the best. Blistering days and freezing nights are why sturdy, flame-retardant ABS plastic is the only suitable material for hand-carrying a deep-cycle battery. An essential aspect of their being portable also means that they need to be lightweight; and weighing only 3.2kg, a well-designed heavy-duty box can solidly support batteries up to 35kg.

Additional ruggedized features of a well-designed battery power box are going to include:

·   IP64 rating protection against dust and water intrusion;

·   An operating temperature range from -10°C to 50°C; and,

·   Heavy duty battery securing straps and brackets.

With a high-strength, powder-coated mounting tray, you can securely attach your camping battery box to your vehicle’s floor or tray for added stability when you’re using it either as a dual battery or just transporting it. And unlike most standard battery boxes, instead of having connector ports simply perched atop the box’s lid, high-quality portable battery boxes feature fully recessed connector ports. It’s an otherwise small detail that makes a big difference in helping to protect your box’s connectors and its display wiring from unwanted damage.

Enjoy Precise Battery Monitoring Anytime You’re Off the Grid

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While most high-quality camping battery boxes come fully outfitted with all the features that campers want, sometimes it’s good to have more. In fact, if you’ve gone off the grid with a fridge or heater, regardless of the type of standby battery power you’re using, you’re going to want as much information about its state of charge as possible.

By using a battery monitor and a shunt together with either your portable battery box or other off-the-grid battery system, you can have a complete, and comprehensive overview of your battery power status at all times. Like other battery box accessories, they can be used with all types of deep cycle batteries, and provide a host of routine information that includes:

·   Precise battery voltage;

·   Live current draw (in A); and,

·   Charge level (in Ah and %).

Battery monitors come in both fixed-remote, and Bluetooth variations. Even for battery box camping, Bluetooth monitors are especially valuable for their ability to actively monitor, and deliver alarms for a full array of battery parameters through an iOS or Android app, including:

·   Battery state of charge (SOC);

·   Precise battery power (in Watts);

·   Estimated time remaining until full discharge;

·   Minimum and maximum battery voltage; and,

·   Minimum and maximum battery current (in A).

You can even see historical charge and discharge data with Bluetooth monitoring. It’s the ideal solution for gauging and optimizing your energy usage patterns when you’re off the grid, whether you’re using an outdoor battery box or not.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, while there’s nothing new about building off-the-grid power sources, finding practical ways to make small-scale power sources portable has always been a challenge. Not everyone who wants to spend time off the grid wants to build a power system; and fortunately, innovations in deep cycle battery technology and custom transport designs are coming together to make power sources more portable than they’ve ever been. 

With deep-cycle battery boxes for camping and other outdoor activities, you can conveniently and reliably transport power for all your accessories anywhere you go. You’ll never have to worry about not having power again when you’re off the grid, and you’ll have more time to enjoy being outdoors when you’re there.