Top Reasons to Invest in a Boost Gauge

A lot of gearheads look to get the most out of their vehicles for one reason or another, and they can’t really do that unless they have performance measuring equipment like gauges. One such type of gauge is the boost gauge, which basically monitors the pressure on your super or turbocharger. Seeing how the super and turbocharger push the engine harder in terms of performance, you need to monitor that boost because there’s a certain point where more isn’t better anymore, and it just becomes a liability.

Every vehicle has a safe range in pressure in which it performs ideally. That being said, there are also dangerous ranges above the safe range where it can cause an engine failure. And the last thing you want is to push your car above the safe range and end up with a busted car that’s going to cost thousands to repair. A boost gauge lets you know when you’re approaching the danger zone so that you can unwind and go back to the tuner or garage to make the proper adjustments.

boost gauge

In other words, boost gauges ensure your engine doesn’t blow up. It might sound a bit too extreme, but that’s exactly what will happen if too much pressure goes into the engine. If your car doesn’t have any aftermarket parts, then you don’t have to worry about this issue. However, if you’ve started throwing in performance aftermarket parts that improve the horsepower of your vehicle, you basically increase the pressure that goes into the vehicle. A boost gauge is a great tool to use as a preventative measure.

These tools are easy to install and are quite affordable. Even if they weren’t, I would still claim they’re an invaluable addition to heavily modified vehicles with aftermarket performance parts, because their cost is just a fragment of what it would cost if your engine blew up. They come in different styles, colours and bezel styles, meaning you can easily find one that matches your factory gauges for a compatible look.

You can mount it up basically anywhere, including the dash or a-pillar. Many people install boost gauges in addition to other gauges like oil pressure, fuel and boost control gauges. All of these tools are essential if you’ve added considerable horsepower over the stock power, as keeping your engine in check is incredibly important. Otherwise, you risk a lot of damage and potential accidents, which will end up costing you significantly more than fitting your car with these instruments.