Top Factors to Consider When Buying Hunting Apparel

There aren’t many outdoor activities where your equipment and clothing matters as much as it does when hunting. Besides your gun, the clothing you wear on a hunting trip has the most impact on your success and the fun you’ll have while out in the woods. The right choice of mens hunting jacket and pants will not only help you make the trip more successful, but it will make it more comfortable as well.

Hunting clothing should be breathable if you hunt in warm weather, and warm if you hunt in colder weather. Plus, it should have camo patterns that will break your silhouette and make you “blend” into the environment you hunt in. Since there is a great number of mens hunting jacket and pants models available nowadays, there are a couple of important factors you need to consider in order to get the best pieces for your needs.

The Materials

As briefly aforementioned, when hunting in cold weather, the materials used for the clothing should keep you warm even after spending several hours outside. Furthermore, they should offer insulation to prevent your body from cooling down, and it should allow moisture to leave your body at the same time. This is important because hunting may require fast movements, followed up by long periods of no movement whatsoever. You don’t want to sweat, nor freeze, so the more breathable your clothing is, the better. A combination of synthetics and wool can serve you well. Merino wool is one of the most popular materials used for hunting clothing, as it’s lightweight, doesn’t retain stretch and it’s breathable.

Camouflage Patterns

Great camo patterns are a crucial part of hunting clothes. They improve your stealth game, allowing you to get closer to the prey than you normally could. As aforementioned, pick hunting clothes that have camo patterns that blend into the environment you’re hunting in. There are many different patterns to choose from, so rest assured you’ll find one that matches your environment. Some of the most common patterns are warning colour orange, Realtree all-purpose and mossy oak duck blind.

The Brand

There are a couple of big player brands that you can’t go wrong with, such as Under Armour, Hunters Element, Ridgeline, Sitka or First like, which offer a large selection of clothing that’s specifically designed for hunting. However, don’t think that you can’t find decent quality clothing from lesser-known brands that perform just as well as the popular ones. But, generally, when it comes to hunting clothing, you get what you pay for.