Token of Appreciation: 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas Your Party Host Will Love

There must always be one person in the group of family or friends who is kind enough to invite everyone over to his or her house. This person, also known as the host or hostess, spends hours planning, organizing, shopping, cleaning, cooking, and getting everything ready so that everyone else can have a good time.

Well, here is a list of 10 gift ideas to pay them back, and to also contribute to the party. And the best thing about these gift ideas is that most of them can be bought at the last minute for the next big event, no matter what the celebratory occasion!

1. Sweet Gift Hamper

sweet gift hamper

Sometimes you just want to take your “guilty pleasure” to the next level. And if it’s a party, why not get down to business? Add not just chocolate-loaded doughnuts and candies but a bottle of alcohol, specially crafted beer selection, balloons, cards, and other things to a selection of gift hampers in Brisbane or other locations Australia-wide to make it a unique and sweet experience.

For a really special surprise, order a confetti hamper and watch as confetti shoots out when your loved one opens the box. This gift is also a great idea if you can’t make it to the party or just want to make someone’s day as you can have gift hampers Brisbane same-day delivery order convenience!

2. Sociable Card Game

Give the party host a break from the stress by playing a card game that’s fun and pairs people up. This way they can have a blast and a moment to be competitive and step away from all daily obligations, emails and glaring smart phones.

3. Sweet Mug Toppers

Get tiny mug-topping cookies that are almost too cute to eat, and your host’s dessert will be a step up for everyone included, especially for children if there are any at the party.

4. Wine Accessories

wine accessories

Perhaps you already know there’s going to be a lot of wine at this party… Then why not indulge your host a holder with wine tools that comes with a bottle opener, foil cutter, pour spout, and bottle stopper. These are the perfect addition to gift hampers in Brisbane that you can throw in as a boost to the tasty foods and drinks. And make sure you hand it to the host before everyone gets thirsty!

5. Bartending Glasses

Your host might be one of the coolest people (and most skilled cooks) you’ve ever met, but they might not be the best at making cocktails. No worries! They can now learn how to make everyone’s favourite drinks with the help of special bartending glasses that have the recipes right on them. Also, guests who like to know what they’re drinking will have a lot of fun with this. Win-win.

6. European Craft Beer

Europe is unquestionably on the list of the most popular vacation places that Australians choose to visit. Honestly, what’s not to like about it? Many Australians have European heritage, therefore visiting the continent is like visiting their forefathers’ homeland.

The exquisite flavour of handcrafted Belgian beer is a terrific way to add not just geographical but also flavourful diversity to the alcoholic beverages at a gathering for those who would rather forego wine and cocktails.

7. Bathroom Guest Book

This is a regular guest book but with a twist! This fun and unique piece goes in your bathroom so guests can sign it when they have to go. This is much more than just writing a name, though. Each guest is asked to draw a doodle, make a bar graph, and share their deepest thoughts in a funny and easy way.

8. Naturally Scented Soap

Speaking of bathrooms… How about a gift of handmade natural soap that you can easily find at the local farmers marker? Not only do they smell great, but they are also very useful. When there are a lot of people at a party, the bathroom often runs out of essentials.

So, depending on where this event is going to be held, you might want to think about putting together a few essentials for hygiene that everyone can use. Or just give the host a bar of natural soap that will make their own bathroom more beautiful.

9. Dinner Paper Napkins

dinner paper napkins

If you put one of these fun napkins over your shirt at dinner, you won’t get anything on it and will still look like the classy dinner guest you want to be! Fancy dinner napkins will help your host, the other guests, and keep the table clean.

10. Fresh Flowers

And last but not least, why not surprise your host with a bouquet of freshly arranged flowers? They will most definitely feel appreciated, and if you show up early enough you might also be the one who saves the day with adding on the perfect centrepiece at the table. It’s really the little things that matter in the end!