Things You Should Know About Australian Shiraz

Shiraz or Syrah as it is called everywhere else except Australia, is an easy-to-grow grape and is used in the production of easy-drinking and fresh to the intense and full-bodied and highly concentrated wines.

The traditional flavours of Shiraz include deep red and dark berry, spice, pepper and violet. Syrah grape is the most broadly planted grape around the world, but Australia, France (precisely the Rhône Valley) and Washington seem to be the best growing regions. Whether you call it Shiraz or Syrah, this complex grape produces the most wonderful and easy-to-drink red wines in the world that can suit almost any palate. Here are some interesting things you may not know about the exceptional Australian Shiraz.


  • Generally speaking, Syrah and the Australian Shiraz are the same grape, but the wines taste totally different. For example, Australian Shiraz is sweeter and riper than the French Syrah coming from the Rhône Valley; this one is more spicy and peppery.

  • Australian Shiraz comes in various styles, but the original comes from South Australia and offers mouth rich coating and seductive ripe fruit taste. When it comes to South Australian wine regions, try wines from Barossa and Coonawarra, as well as McLaren Valley.
  • The Australian Shiraz was first planted in the mid-9th century and is the most popular and widely planted red wine grape in Australia.
  • Australia also offers an unusual, yet great sparkling Shiraz. This versatile red sparkly is an Australian icon, which displays different flavours, from spicy and liquor, to sweet and juicy.

  • One of the primary benefits of Australian Shiraz when compared with other types of Australian red wines is that its entire portfolio matches the one of the European wines in terms of elegance and savoury.
  • Shiraz grapes are usually grown in mild climates, which is the ideal climate for producing finest quality full-bodied red wines that have high levels of tannin, accompanied with hints of blackberry, black pepper and mint. Precisely this is the winning formula of the iconic Australian Shiraz that makes the perfect wine-choice for those who love red wines.
  • Shiraz is best known as the “improving grape” as it provides great finesse and backbone. It is used for blending many wines from Australia, the Southern Rhône and other parts of Southern France.

At the end, if there is one red variety Australia could raise its flag by, it is the dazzling and extremely tasty Shiraz. The next time you’re browsing the appealing offers of Australia’s best red wines, make sure you consider the hero of the country, Shiraz.