The Top Pieces to Pull Off the Country-Western Look

The country-western fashion trend is back again! And it’s not that hard to see why. The iconic country style that has originated in the Wild West seems to be right at home in the rugged and hot Australian environment. Plus, it also perfectly fits the uniquely fun and adventurous side that every Aussie girl has, don’t you agree? So, if you too want to try out the cool country-western look, here are some of the elements you need.

Get Your Boots On

Let’s start with the element that no country-western outfit can go without – the boots. If there’s one piece that can label any outfit as western – this is it. Although country womens boots can go with almost any clothing piece, they seem to accentuate the cowgirl vibe when paired with a floral dress or worn over skinny jeans or under bell-bottom jeans. When worn with jeans, you can complete the look with any top you want – from a simple white T-shirt to a pullover sweater or a cute poncho for an added bohemian touch.

What’s more, country womens boots are a category where you can come across a lot of variation. If you like a flashier look, there are pointy-toed leather boots with decorative embellishments such as beads, sparkles and similar details that can make quite a statement. Whereas, if you want a casual and less flashy look – there are square-toed varieties that can give your outfit a subtle western vibe and be comfy to wear too. There are also elegant, classic country womens boots that can perfectly go with more minimalist pieces, such as a little black dress. Just browse through the wide range of country womens boots and you’ll easily find a pair that can suit any occasion.

Embrace the Blues

Another touch that can give you a cowgirl vibe is, of course, denim. Due to being hard-wearing and UV-resistant, denim is one of those fabrics that has dominated the traditional cowboy attire. And the fact that denim is also a common part of contemporary style makes it the perfect ally for creating a stylish cowgirl outfit. Whether it’s a denim shirt or jeans, when matched with the right country boots – you have your winning cowgirl combination.

What’s more, dark denim can also look very elegant and slimming – making it every girl’s best friend. Just try tucking a pair of dark skinny jeans into dark cowboy boots and see how you instantly lose a few kilos visually. What’s more, denim pieces are super versatile and can be combined with almost every other clothing piece. For instance, a short denim coat or vest is perhaps the only thing that looks good worn over a flowy dress. Plus, it also helps create some sexy definition around your waist.

Wear a Plaid Shirt for Everyday Country Chic

If you want to create an everyday cowgirl outfit that is more laid back and casual, then a plaid shirt is the perfect element to centre your outfit around. When paired with denim jeans or a skirt, a plaid shirt gives you a modern country vibe. One of the cutest ways to wear a plaid shirt is to wear it unbuttoned over a white t-Shirt. You can tuck it when wearing it with bell-bottom jeans, tie it around your waist for definition or let it fall over your skinny jeans for a more contemporary look.

Top It Off with a Hat

If you’re really a fan of the country-western style, then a cowgirl hat is definitely one of the essential accessories to get. And when it comes to cowgirl hats, there’s no limit to the styles you can choose. Whether it’s the recognizable rodeo hat or a wide-brimmed felt hat for the winter and a light, woven piece for the summer – a cowgirl hat will make your outfit stand out. Plus, a cowboy hat can even be the ultimate saviour when you don’t have time to style your hair, allowing you to walk out of the door looking flawlessly without wasting a second longer.

Accessorize Right

And of course, you also need to finalize your look by choosing some cute accessories that will tie everything together. The secret to accessorizing like a cowgirl is to put on at least one of the following: a bandana or scarf tied around your neck, a western-style belt, a tasseled shoulder bag, some chunky jewelry or a bolo tie. When planning on to put a bandana or scarf, always consider the top you’re planning to wear. If it’s monochromatic, you can accessorize with a plaid bandana. But if the top is colourful or plaid, then a monochromatic bandana or scarf will look best.

When it comes to belts, choose a wide one with a big, flashy buckle that will make quite the cowgirl statement. Another classic country-western accessory is a shoulder bag featuring tassels. You can choose from genuine leather or artificial options. Bags with animal prints are also a popular option. When it comes to jewelry, this style tends to look great when accessorized with hoop earrings or necklaces with country motifs such as horses. And finally, you can also add a bolo tie – a touch that screams cowgirl. It looks great around the colour of a denim shirt or when worn over a minimalist white t-Shirt.