The Screwtape Letters – Most Captivating Portrayal Of Temptation And Victory Over It

We have all heard about C.S. Lewis and we all know that he is one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. He was not only seen as an intellectual, but also as a great man with big heart and pure mind, completely devoted to the Christianity. This is the reason why all of his writings have theological content, leaving readers struck by their own beliefs and thoughts about religion and Christian faith.


C.S. Lewis is a world-known novelist, critic, poet and above all, Christian apologist. Among his popular works, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity, The Allegory of Love, The Space Trilogy, Till We Have Faces and The Screwtape Letters are most notable ones. The one novel that stands out is the The Screwtape Letters, a book of temptation, mystery and satire. The striking fact about The Screwtape Letters is that Clive Staples Lewis explains Christianity not through the lens of a true Christian, but from the point of view of the devil, whose ultimate goal is to condemn the human soul.

The whole book is written in a letter form, where the whole ‘conversation’ is carried out between a senior devil called Screwtape and his nephew Wormwood. This young man is a person of total disorder and incompetence. In their correspondence, the devil continuously tries to interrupt his nephew’s attempts to be a true Christian, by using the means of slyness and temptation. The evil uncle advises him to never rely on Christianity and clean his mind and soul of even smallest Christian thoughts. On the other side, in the life of this young man, Christianity gets deeper and deeper. He falls in love with a beautiful, Christian girl and he starts to regularly attend the church. Faced with faith, cowardice and doubt in the existence of God, Wormwood realizes he is stuck in his own world.

The Screwtape Letters is an ironic portray of human life and the whole book is exciting, challenging and provoking. Once you start reading it, you cannot stop until you get to the end and see how evil cannot beat love, goodness and the strong faith in God. This is why The Screwtape Letters is considered as a real classic and one of the most powerful books of C.S. Lewis. The message of the book is strong and it is strongly attached to 21st century spiritual and moral issues, both within and outside the Christian church. You definitely must ensure a spot for this piece of mastery in your home library.