The Art of Decoration: 5 Must-Have Pieces for a Stylish Home

Decorating your home is more than just filling it with furniture and accessories; it’s about creating a space that reflects your personality, lifestyle and tastes. It’s a thoughtful process that involves carefully selecting and arranging pieces that complement each other. Then you create a home that’s inviting, cosy and warm, so that you can enjoy spending your time there.

Side Table


To make your space more cosy you will need a side table. They’re an essential piece in any living space, not only for their functional and decorative purposes. Adding a chick and durable side table from designer stores can enhance the overall look of the room while providing a surface for lamps, books, decorative items or your coffee cup in the morning. 

The importance of a designer coffee table lies in its versatility. It can be placed next to a sofa, or an armchair, it can serve as a spot for drinks and snacks, or used in the bedroom as a nightstand. In smaller spaces, they can also be a substitute for a larger coffee table, offering both style and practicality without overwhelming the room. 

When choosing a side table from a designer store, there are many things you should consider. One such thing is the material. Depending on the vibe you’re going for in the room, choose materials that will complement the vibe. For example, if you’re doing Hamptons style, pick a table made from rattan that’s a natural material that’s going to add a touch of bohemian charm. 

If you’re going for a more contemporary look, metal and even glass offer a more minimalistic look. Pay attention to the height of the table and the proportions to ensure that it fits great with your seating arrangement. A table that’s too tall or too short can disrupt the flow and the balance of the room as well as the functionality.

You should also think about how you’re going to use it and which decorations you’ll place. You can use a lamp to add both character and light to your room, while a stack of books or magazines can create a casual and smart look. You can add a small plant or a vase of fresh flowers that brings a pop of colour and freshness to the room.

Decorative Trays 

Another great accessory that you can add to your side table and your coffee table is the decorative trays. This accessory is quite versatile and it can be used not only in the living room but in the kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom. They are perfect for organising and displaying items stylishly. They can hold your candles, books and other decor pieces in the living room, while in the kitchen can be used to organise spices and condiments. Make sure that the colour and material go with your style and don’t disrupt the space. 

Plants and Flowers 


Plants and flowers are indispensable elements in home decor. They bring life, colour, and freshness into any space. Indoor plants improve air quality and create a sense of calm and well-being, while flowers with their vibrant colours and scents brighten up the room and add a touch of elegance. 

When choosing potted plants, make sure that the pens you get can survive the conditions of your home. So, if your home gets a lot of natural lighting, pick plants that thrive in bright light such as cacti and succulents, while others like snake plants prefer low-light conditions. 


Every home should have some type of artwork, whether it be paintings, prints or sculptures. Art is a powerful tool in home decoration because it can set the tone for a room, reflect your style and even evoke emotion. The key to incorporating artwork in your decor is to choose pieces that you love and that resonate with you. 

It also involves considering the colours, themes and styles that complement your existing decor. Abstract pieces can add a modern touch, while landscapes and portraits might give it a more traditional feel. It’s also important to carefully consider where you’re going to be hanging them concerning the wall and furniture so for example, larger pieces work well above sofas and beds while smaller ones can be grouped together in a gallery wall.



One easy and cosy way to update your decor is with cushions. They add comfort, colour and texture to any room, making it feel more inviting and warm. They can be used to complement the existing decor or even to add new patterns and colours to your space. When selecting cushions, consider the fabric, colour and patterns. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are great for a relaxed, casual look, while velvet and even silk can add a touch of luxury. 

Decorating your home is a thoughtful and creative journey that is more than simply filling a space with furniture and accessories. By carefully selecting and arranging key pieces such as side tables, artwork or cushions you can create an inviting home that everyone would enjoy visiting.