The Action Bible – Perfect Book For Readers Of All Ages


The Action Bible is a comic book that presents the great epic of scripture in an captivating and illustrated form. Created by Sergio Cariello, a Brazilian-American comic book artist and published by David C. Cook in Colorado, The Action Bible is a perfect comic book for readers of all ages. It has 752 pages and it was released in September 2010.

The book presents 215 Bible stories in a different, colorful and comic-book format. It begins with the Creation and ends with an invitation for you to get closer to Jesus. The New Testament letters and other parts of the Bible are described with pictures and brief text blocks in a comic font. The stories in The Action Bible are entirely drawn, except the narrative parts of the Bible.

The Action Bible presents the Bible stories and the characters in a more interesting way to the readers. However, The Action Bible should not be seen as a superhero book, but as a book that has a purpose to teach the young generation about the word of God. The writing style is contemporary and it is suited for preteens and older people. All stories, in most parts, are quite similar to the original Biblical texts, thus including a significant amount of combined stories.

The Action Bible is described as the most comprehensive Bible on the market, because it is perfect for contemporary readers of all ages. The stories are easy to follow and the captivating and modern artwork style of the artist Sergio Cariello makes The Action Bible perfect for people from different cultures.

People from all ages are interested in Superman and Spider-man stories, and how they are trying to save the Earth with their strength. The Action Bible, as said above, is not a superhero book because the creators try to present God and his son Jesus in a illustrated manner to the younger population. If you love to read comic-books you will certainly enjoy reading The Action Bible.