The ABCs of Style: Top Tips on How to Teach Young Girls About Personal Fashion With Stylish Dresses

Parents across the globe can agree that picking out clothes for our little ones is kind of a two-way sword. For one, kids don’t really care all that much about fashion and current trends, to begin with, so you can’t exactly force them to dress up in something you think is up to date with the latest and greatest.

On the other hand, some of them are so opinionated once they start to understand what personal style is all about, which further complicates the process. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to find something that looks good on your daughter and she loves it too, but that’s rarely the case. But even so, you can still make this experience fun and educational for them, in a way that they will understand and be able to use in the future.

How Can You Choose Girls’ Dresses?

girl sitting on a bed and wearing a dress

Throughout the years, dresses have been at the forefront of wardrobe essentials for every stylish teenage girl. They’re not only versatile and comfortable but also help in creating a well-rounded sense of style and motivate young ladies to learn more about fashion. As you’re navigating the wide range of fashionable kid girl dress options, you should turn to a few handy tricks to make sure you find just the right piece.

Let Them Pick

Here’s the thing – fashion is all about experimentation and freedom of expression. Therefore, when you’re shopping for your daughter’s clothes, it’s important to let her pick what she likes the most. Of course, they might not always go for the trendiest pieces or ones that you deem suitable, but that’s exactly what’s going to help her shape her own perception of personal style.

Plus, when they make their own decisions, the pieces they choose will be more meaningful to them and they’ll feel more motivated to wear them. All of us are inclined towards the things we’re involved in creating, so it’s only natural that your daughter will want to wear the pieces she picked out herself.

Prioritise Comfort

If you look closely at the way some children behave at family gatherings or events, there are almost always a few of them that seem really uncomfortable and unable to enjoy themselves. A lot of this is because they’re wearing something that doesn’t allow them to move freely, which can ultimately impede their experience.

Even if some of the junior dresses look really pretty, they should still be comfortable to wear. You don’t want your daughter getting fidgety all day because she can’t take a step without feeling the fabric tugging at her skin. Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose, especially around the waist and arms.

Be Mindful of the Fabrics

The comfort factor also goes hand in hand with the fabrics used to make the dresses. Natural materials like cotton and linen are always better choices since they’re light and breathable, with minimal risk of causing any skin irritation. On the flip side, synthetic materials like polyester and nylon can make the dress look nice, but they’re not as suitable for a hot climate.

As far as any details or embellishments go, look for pieces with low-impact additions like ribbons and ruffles. These are usually safe to wear and won’t cause much of a problem. If you really want to include some more lavish pieces, opt for those with non-metallic components that pinch or scratch the skin.

Mix and Match the Colours

two girls wearing a pink and blue dress

Generally speaking, kids are fond of lively and cheerful colours, so you should go for those when choosing dresses. Bright hues like yellow, orange and pink will surely be a hit with young girls, but they can also do with a more subtle colour palette.

Once they hit their teens, some of them sway towards a more monochromatic and subtle look, so you should make sure to have a few darker pieces in their wardrobe. A little black dress can go a long way in this scenario, with its timeless style and fashionable appeal.

Go With the Seasons

The time of year influences the way we dress, and the kid girl dress situation is no exception. For example, winter brings in a wave of cosy and warm pieces that will keep your daughter nice and toasty while still looking fashionable.

On the other hand, during the summer months, you should pick out something light and airy that will keep her cool and comfortable. Flowy maxi dresses are a great option since they provide plenty of coverage while still looking cute and stylish. You could also go with a midi dress or a cute sundress for more of an everyday look.

Add Some Accessories

These small yet powerful additions to your daughter’s wardrobe can make all the difference. They help in adding some extra flair and detail to the whole ensemble, with subtle shifts that can transform the look as a whole.

Children have a tendency to mimic the adults around them and their way of dressing, so why not give them some fashionable little accessories to play around with? Headbands, hair ribbons and even colourful scarves can do wonders for their confidence, as well as any subtle jewellery or sandals.