Style Your Own Hair or Go To A Salon

Need a glamorous wedding hairstyle or want to look radiant at an upcoming important event? But hair salon services are too costly for your budget? Forget hairstylists and expensive salons which charge several hundred of dollars. No need to pay big bucks for something you can do at home. You can create a romantic, in-style look for a fraction of what professional hairstyling costs. And with so many hair accessories available on the market today, such as hair clips, bands, designer-like jeweled hair brooches, hair extensions etc., you’ll look like a celebrity. Here are some tutorials for easy in-home hairstyles that will hopefully inspire you.

Braided Bun – This a quick, easy and very chic hairstyle which you can wear during the day or embellish with a nice jeweled hair accessory for a glamorous evening look. Comb your hair, gather it in low ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Braid your hair, secure with a clear band at the end and wrap it around securing it with bobby pins; tuck the end, secure with a pin and finish off with hair spray. For those with medium-length hair, use clip-in hair extension, but make sure they are the same color or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

Not Your Average Ponytail – Need a fast, easy and gorgeous summer hairstyle? Knot your ponytail for that red carpet look. Wash your hair, towel dry it, apply styling mousse and comb it to the right side. Separate hair into two parts and tie into a knot twice. Secure with clear rubber band and booby pin for extra security (if necessary). To add texture, comb the ponytail backwards. Now, why search for affordable hairdressers Melbourne when you can create a chic summer look in few easy steps.


Look Glamorous In Five Minutes – If you are looking for a last minute style, look no further than your bobby pins and a comb. You can create a perfect hairstyle with these items in just few minutes. And the best part is – no need to visit hair salon Melbourne. Comb your hair and then tease top, back and sides. Spray with hair spray and gently smooth your hair with a soft brush. Divide hair into three parts – left side, back and right side. Start with the back part first. Gather hair, twist it into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Do the same with side parts. If you have any loose front parts, twist them and pin them into your bun (left or right). If you want extra security, finish off with little hair spray. For a more glamorous look, add a flower or nice jeweled hair piece.


Aren’t these lovely and easy hairstyles suitable for everyday activities or night of romance and glamor? Why spend hours in a Melbourne hair salon when you can do it yourself. There are many DIY hairstyles that you can create with few styling products you already have at home. Use accessories and hair extensions for added luxury and look red-carpet ready anytime.