Sleep in Comfort: Your Guide to Understanding Different Mattress Sizes

Whether you sleep by yourself or with a partner, knowing the different mattress sizes is the first step toward a good night’s rest. In this essential guide, I’ll go through the different options, from the snug and cosy to the expansive and luxurious. So, read on to learn the intricacies of a twin, a queen, a king mattress, and all the variations in between.


Two women reading books in a king size bed

Whether you’re a solo sleeper who loves to starfish or you share your bed with a partner, kids, and pets, a large and comfy mattress for a king bed gives you ample space to bask in your sleep sanctuary. It offers an abundance of room to stretch out and lounge like royalty. A standard one measures a generous 183cm wide and 203cm long. To put that into perspective, it’s about the same width as putting two extra-long twin beds side by side, which is a lot of room.

When you lay down after a long day, you can stretch out without the fear of dangling limbs. That’s the beauty of the massive king mattress. Whether you crave room to sprawl out or share your bed with someone, these models offer an abundance of room for everyone to nestle in and enjoy their own sleep haven. Ever wanted to transform your bed into a cosy den for a movie night with the family? Check. Need to spread out work papers and enjoy a breakfast-in-bed scenario without feeling like you’re falling off the edge? Doable. These mattresses are multi-functional spaces that accommodate different activities with ease.

But not every mattress for a king bed is the same. From memory foam wonders to hybrid constructions, there’s a wide range of designs to suit different preferences. Some emphasize firm support, while others focus on cooling technologies, ensuring a sleep experience that fits your needs.

And while king bed mattresses promise spacious comfort, remember that they demand space in return. Before you take the plunge, carefully measure your room. These grand elements require ample space to shine without cramping your room. Some pre-planning will save you from that “Oops, my room looks smaller than I thought” moment. Ultimately, this bed size offers a comfortable and luxurious experience. It’s the deluxe upgrade for anyone seeking an expansive and versatile space to nestle into the deepest slumber.

Split King

Now, these models are quite intriguing because they offer the best of both worlds – the luxurious expanse of a king bed mattress, but with a twist! They’re king-size models split down the middle into two separate mattresses. Each half is approximately the size of a twin XL mattress, measuring 96cm wide and 203cm long. You end up with two beds side by side, which make up the full expanse of a king-size bed.

These are perfect for couples with different sleep preferences. If you and your partner have different ideas of the perfect firmness or use an adjustable bed frame, the split king is a fantastic solution. Each side can have its own unique firmness, or you can raise and adjust it independently, allowing both sleepers to find their ultimate comfort zone without compromise. Split kings also offer more flexibility, especially if you have a shared bedroom. They’re easier to move around and transport compared to one huge king-size. Plus, if one person happens to be a restless sleeper, the split will minimise the transfer of motion from one side to the other, leading to a more peaceful night’s sleep.


So, is a king size bigger than a queen? If you’re pondering this question, picture a queen-size mattress as a comfortable compromise between the expansive king and the more compact full-sized beds. It’s about 152cm wide and 203cm long, offering ample room for solo sleepers or a couple who doesn’t mind snuggling up a bit closer. This size is an excellent fit for bedrooms that don’t comfortably accommodate a larger king-size bed but offer more room than a full-size bed.

Queen-size beds often offer more options in terms of bedding, sheets, and accessories compared to larger sizes. They’re also easier to move and manoeuvre compared to king-size beds, making them a great option for smaller rooms or spaces where manoeuvrability is a consideration.


Full-size bed

A full-size mattress measures about 137cm wide and 190cm long. It’s a tad narrower than a queen but broader than a twin, making it a versatile option for different scenarios. What I find fascinating about this size is its flexibility. It’s roomier than a twin, so it’s great for a solo sleeper who likes to stretch out a bit more. It’s fantastic for guest rooms or smaller bedrooms. Its smaller footprint compared to larger sizes means it can fit comfortably in rooms where space is at a premium. It’s also easy to move and transport, which is a huge plus if you ever need to rearrange or move homes.


Twin mattresses are usually the go-to for kids’ rooms, guest spaces, or even solo sleepers looking for a snug sleep haven. They measure about 96cm wide and 190cm long. It’s the smallest among the standard adult-sized mattresses, but it’s perfect for folks looking for a bed that fits comfortably in smaller rooms. They’re great for children transitioning from a crib to a bigger bed or for solo sleepers who don’t need a ton of space to stretch out. Now, the length might not offer enough legroom for those who need extra space, so that’s something to consider before choosing a twin mattress. The twin XL is 13cm longer than a standard twin, offering more room, which makes it a better fit for taller sleepers without taking up too much extra space.