Say Goodbye to Lash Extensions Using These Tips & Tricks

Eyelash extensions look great and no one can deny that, but they are also very unhealthy. Aside from the maintenance, cost and toxic glue, the biggest reason why extensions are a nuisance is that they damage your natural eyelashes (especially when they fall out). No matter how much you love your big voluminous extension lashes, you should let your natural lashes breathe and recover once in a while.

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Luckily, there’re ways to encourage the growth and thickness of your natural lashes. By following tips and tricks, you might be able to say goodbye to your lash extensions for good one day…

Use Lash Serum

The reason why lash serums are so popular in the last few years is that, well, they work. These beauty products have unique formulas to promote natural growth and thickness on your eyelashes. One of the best serums for lash growth is eye envy lash serum. EyEnvy contains a specific formula of peptides which are the building blocks of proteins. These peptides signal the follicles to produce more keratin (the protein responsible for hair growth). Because of these and other great conditioning ingredients, opting to use eye envy lash serum can effectively boost the thickness and strength of your natural lashes. It can help you get longer, fuller lashes without the need to use fake lashes or extensions.

Before applying your eyenvy serum, your face should be completely cleansed of all makeup so that the formula can penetrate and strengthen your eyelashes. When lashes are bare and clean, adding this product to your morning and evening beauty routine is quick and easy. Since it comes in a tube that’s liquid inside, you should give it a shake before applying.

The next step is to remove the excess from the brush and simply wipe it on the skin just above the lash roots. Don’t forget the bottom lash line too. If you use this product twice a day, you can expect to see visual results in 4-6 weeks. For even quicker results, you can pair it with the eye envy mascara. EyEnvy serums can be used with or without lash extensions, to promote growth to your natural lashes.

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Bonus Tip: Use eye envy lash serum on your brows too. It can help you get them a bit thicker and darker.

Take Multivitamins

To help your lashes grow longer and thicker, you need to support them from the inside too. Selecting high-quality multivitamins is one of the easiest things you can do for this purpose. A healthy diet and regular use of multivitamins allows your body to have enough nutrients to support critical systems, and have enough left over to maintain your hair, skin, and nails. Make sure that your multivitamin supplements include iron, zinc and protein besides the basics: vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. These are all powerful antioxidants that protect your hair from aging and promote the growth of new hair. That being said, taking multivitamins twice a day can be very beneficial for your lashes.

Comb Your Lashes


Although combing your brushes may seem like a useless idea now, doing this on a regular basis can make a huge difference to the volume and the quality of your eyelashes. Combing through your lashes helps stimulate the blood flow to the lash follicles. It also helps remove the dirt and debris that weigh down your lashes. Beauty experts recommend combing your lashes twice a day to promote growth and thickness. You can do this with a special lash brush, or you can use the brush from a disposable mascara. Give this trick some time, and you would be amazed by the final results.

Gently Curl Your Lashes

If you are determined to have long and thick eyelashes without using lash extensions, you should try to avoid curling your lashes. However, if you need to use a lash curler, make sure it’s clean (without any residual mascara on it). Be extra gentle when curling your lashes to avoid damage such as ripping them off.

Bonus Tip: To avoid repeating the procedure multiple times, you can heat your curler for 5-10 seconds with a blow dryer and curl your lashes just one time. This way, you get an instant lift without ripping off lashes which happens when curling three or four times.

Use a Good Mascara


Choosing a good mascara can boost your lashes and make them appear longer. You can opt for a formula that makes your lashes grow while you wear it. The magic comes from ingredients like peptides, stem cell complexes, vitamin E, proteins, biotin, keratin and the list goes on. Make sure to opt for a hybrid mascara that has at least one of these lengthening ingredients.

Try Castor or Coconut Oil

Castor oil is a well-known eyelash growth ‘secret’ and has a plethora of other health benefits. It works excellent on eyelashes, brows and hair. Due to its high concentration of ricinoleic acid, castor oil promotes lash growth and strength. To give this miracle growth helper a try, take a few drops and apply it to your upper and lower lash line using a Q-tip. If you repeat this process every night, you will be able to see the first results after a few weeks.

Coconut oil is also good for your eyelashes since it’s a great moisturiser and strengthener. This oil is completely safe for use around your eyes. The hydrating properties of coconut oil may be helpful if your lashes are becoming brittle and broken due to the use of mascara, eyelash adhesives, and curling devices. You can simply pick up a little bit on your fingertips, rub it into your fingers and then apply it on your eyelashes. This way, you can easily boost your eyelashes’ softness and strength.