Reasons to Get a Donut Bed for Your Dog

Taking care of a dog is just like taking care of a person. They need to eat, go out, have some fun and stay in good health. But what happens when it comes to the resting hours? Sleep is crucial for having a happy and healthy dog. On average, dogs sleep 12-14 hours a day. And puppies and some bigger breeds sleep even longer, up to 18 hours.

It doesn’t matter if your four-legged friend loves to occasionally snuggle up with you on the sofa or in your bed, your dog should have its own bed. The market is abundant with various shapes and sizes when it comes to dog beds, but today we’ll talk about the versatile donut dog beds. They’re round and surrounded by a stuffed border. As such, they truly resemble a donut.

Such a bed provides enough softness and warmth so your dog can chill, nap or spend the whole night in it. Let’s see some of the reasons why dog owners love these beds.

Comfort & a Sense of Security

Dogs are picky when it comes to the space they sleep in. I’m sure you’ve noticed that your dog walks in circles before lying down. This is a habit dogs acquired way back when dog beds weren’t a thing. Dogs really love to curl up in a round hole that surrounds their body, and donut beds mimic this habit.

These bed designs provide the comfort and warmth dogs need to fall asleep, but also a feeling of security, no matter how small or big the dog is. The comfort this bed offers can help your furry pall get over separation anxiety (it boosts confidence and helps dogs that are recovering from trauma).

The inventor of this bed, Shohreh Samani came up with this idea while working in the textiles business when she saw her Pomeranian sleeping on a pile of fluffy fabric samples. She interviewed trainers and vets who told her that dogs need to feel protected in order to sleep better. Animal behaviourists recommend a donut-shaped bed for dogs who show signs of anxiety or depression. This position gives dogs support, and extra warmth.

Excellent for Small & Short-Haired Dogs

Small dogs and short-haired dogs have often problems regulating their body temperature, especially during the night when it drops. Donut shaped beds have a taller border which helps to maintain the body temperature of your small dog. The fluffy material also adds to the comfort and warmth.

Plus, smaller dogs often snuggle up to their owners because they know they’re small and look for protection in order to feel secure when they sleep. So, this bed is excellent for them. Having a big round bed just for them, where they can relax and cosy up would help them calm down and fall asleep feeling at peace.

It’s great that these beds are easy for transportation, so you can take them anywhere you travel with your dog (or even lift your dog while lying on the bed).

But Also Suitable for All Dog Sizes

Even though donut beds are the recommended option for smaller dogs, they can suit larger dogs as well. However, for such a bed to fit your pet, it’s important to take its size in mind. You can’t help a large breed with a small bed, just as a large bed might not be the best option if you have a Chihuahua, for example.

Your dog should feel comfortable lying on its bed, whether curled up or on its back with all four legs in the air. Your dog’s head and limbs shouldn’t hang off the edge. So, make sure to check whether the bed’s dimensions correspond with your dog’s size before buying.

Easily to Maintain

It’s essential that you get a bed that you can be easily washed. No matter how clean your dog is, after a while, you’ll have to wash its bed, just like you wash your own bedsheets. The thing with these cuddler dog beds is that they won’t lose their shape even if you wash them in the washing machine. If you don’t want to worry over this, then this dog bed is ideal for you. Seek materials that dry fast.

It’s essential to pick a bed made of fibres that won’t get ruined after a while. Expect your dog to drag the bed, chew or scratch the bed. As long as the bed doesn’t shed too much, any of these activities won’t ruin it. But if your dog is an aggressive chewer, then such bed might not be the ideal option, and you should go for a bed made of sturdier materials.

Vets Approve It

It’s always a bonus when vets approve something. Most dogs love curling up in a ball (especially during the colder months) and this bed allows them to do just that. In fact, most dogs prefer to fall asleep this way. It’s a position that allows them to immediately get on all four if an emergency occurs. The soft material makes the whole sleeping experience similar to snuggling up with a fluffy blanket.