Protein Bars: The Perfect Snack to Satisfy Hunger & Keep Appetite Under Control

Whether you are on a journey to lose weight or you are simply trying to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, eating a healthy and balanced diet, one that will benefit your wellbeing best, isn’t the easiest task. Not many people have the time, the patience or the knowledge to prepare meals that will contain everything they need to provide their body with all the necessary nutrients, have enough energy for being active and burn fat.

So, this is why it’s such a great thing that you can find high-quality healthy fat burners, whether it’s as fat burning supplements, in the form of pills, powders, capsules, as a liquid…, to accompany your diet, or as a protein bar, to satisfy your hunger and provide you with the necessary nutrients to burn fat faster, like before a workout.

So, just as you need a perfect sports bottle with you at all times – to stay hydrated, your gym bag should include protein bars as a way to avoid getting too hungry and stay healthy.

The Function of Proteins in the Body


Proteins are known for the many roles it plays in your body. Not only does protein provide you with energy and helps you burn fat – as it also plays a role in digestion, but it’s also vital for the overall function of our bodies. Proteins are responsible for boosting the immune system, building and repairing tissues, helping us recover from injuries, or simply helping our body remain in an optimal state, they help our bodies regulate the concentration of acids and bases, maintaining proper pH, and so on.

Nevertheless, while vital, proteins alone aren’t enough. For optimal health, our body needs other nutrients, that in combination give our bodies the fuel to stay healthy. When it comes to weight control, proteins help your metabolism, they have a positive effect on your appetite and on the way your body burns calories during digestion.

The Importance of Protein Bars


One of the main issues for people who are trying to lose weight is giving up on snacking. Most of us are victims of a worldwide addiction to junk food, and this is a habit that can be as hard to break as any other harmful behaviour. Good protein bars are made with optimal nutritional value, which is why they can be a great aid in your weight control and for fat burning. More importantly, they are quite tasty and can give you the satisfaction of sneaking, without harming your body, and even supporting your healthy lifestyle.

Of course, in spite of offering optimal nutritional value, protein bars shouldn’t be consumed excessively, but rather and taken into account for your daily nutrient intake, as part of your diet – including your meals, as well as any other dietary supplements you use.

How to Choose a Protein Bar?


Not all protein bars contain the same nutrient composition. While many of them can contain oats, quinoa, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, dates etc., the ingredients vary from one bar to another. Good protein bars contain optimal quantities and ratios of fat, carbs and fibre, and some are also enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Typically, protein bars have between 150 and 400 calories. As far as proteins go, you can find protein bars with high doses of high-quality clean proteins, up to 20 grams per serving, that can help your body burn fat, as well as help you with weight management – when properly consumed. Some manufacturers add prebiotic fibre to their protein bars, such as Smart Protein Bar, which promote good bacteria and, maintain your gut healthy.

When you are choosing protein bars, make sure that you read the ingredient label, so that you can make sure that it doesn’t disrupt your daily meal plan. One of the things to be careful about is to avoid protein bars that use artificial ingredients, and most of all, pay attention to the amounts of added sugar or unhealthy sweeteners, that can disrupt your endeavour to lose weight and stay fit and healthy.

When Can You Eat Protein Bars?

There are several things that make protein bars so convenient, for a busy and active lifestyle. They come in convenient packages, they don’t take up too much space, so you can always have one or two in your bag or backpack with your gym clothes, your purse, your jacket pocket, a drawer at work…, they have a long shelf life, and best of all, they are delicious and crunchy. They can help you make sure that you are never too hungry, as well as help you to avoid reaching out for an easy and always available junk meal.

Because of their nutritional value, and more specifically because of their role as fat burners, protein bars can be consumed before or after a workout, to help your body burn calories and provide you with energy. Nevertheless, they can also be used as an on-the-go mini-meal, to satisfy your sweet tooth, between meals, etc.