Pretty Nails Make Us Smile: 3 Nail Polish Colours Every Woman Should Own

As a lady, you may already know that your nails are the crown of your hands and probably the first things others notice about you. And indeed, a good manicure won’t only top up your entire look of the day, but it will also make you feel prettier and more confident. But even though different types of ladies prefer different types of manicures, there are a couple of classic nail polish colours, not a lady can be imagined without.

And instead of paying for expensive professional manicures, or coming up with the perfect shade to match your outfit every day, you can easily give yourself a classic home manicure and be carefree for a couple of days. Without further ado, these are the ultimate nail polish colours every lady should have in her manicure kit:

Black Polish

Black Polish
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If you’re the type of woman who wants to make a bold, yet elegant appearance, don’t wait to upgrade your manicure kit with a black polish. Not only does black polish point to an open-minded person who isn’t afraid to speak up their mind, but it’ll also give your look an edgy and rebellious, yet sophisticated touch.

But when we mention wearing this specific nail paint, one of the most unpopular opinions is that dark manicures are reserved for occasions such as Halloween or for those who prefer Goth, Emo or Punk style. Even though it can take a lot of confidence to wear this kind of polish on your nails, know that there are a bunch of different ways for pulling this bold manicure off successfully.

For instance, there’s a wide variety of black polish hues, meaning you won’t struggle to pick something to fit your preferences – from the purplish shades to the sparkling or glossy and matte ones. Regardless of what you pick, keep in mind that a black manicure is a bold manicure, and it’s best to keep your nails shaped short and neat to create a balance. Also, a bold black manicure will require frequent retouches, to avoid having chipped and cracked nails that look extremely unattractive.

If you’re not feeling ready to replace your basic manicure with chic dark nail polish, you can always find ways to explore different options of this colour, such as the popular ombre manicure or combinations with lighter shades. Once you get a hang of it, you’ll see how black manicure becomes one of your favourites.

Red Polish

Red Polish
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We’re witnesses that a variety of nail trends come and go all the time, but the iconic red manicure has been present on the fashion scene forever. In fact, ladies throughout history were painting their nails red to appear wealthier and more glamorous.

This opinion is still popular today, as a neat red manicure can make you appear ultimately elegant and add a luxurious touch to all of your looks quite like the black nail polish – from your favourite coat during the cold winter days to the simplest kaftan dress throughout the steamy summer season.

At this point, know that red nail polishes also come in different hues and shades, so you won’t struggle to pick something that will suit your personality. For instance, some ladies prefer wearing ruby red shades as they’re sexy hues that can be combined with anything and everything, while others find them to be conservative.

Crimson red shades are considered very feminine and also very suitable to be paired with different clothes – from your simplest pair of jeans to lacy evening gowns. On the other hand, if you want to skip wearing edgy reds, but prefer something more subtle, yet sophisticated, you won’t go wrong with dark shades such as magentas, wine reds and maroons. They add some depth much like the various hues of black nail paint.

As much as many women consider these shades dramatic and attention-stealing, you can rest assured that a deep-red shade on your nails will give you a dose of mystery and top up your appearance with even more lavishness. The range of opportunities with red nail polish is endless, and the only thing you have to do is to be brave to experiment.

Nude Polish

Nude Polish
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Indeed, red and black nail polish colours are the most classic types of manicure to express your femininity and give your look a dose of sophistication and elegance. But the truth is that not all ladies are confident enough to wear dark nail polish, and showing up without a fresh and neat manicure is not an option. If you’re among these ladies, nude nail polish might be the perfect option for you.

In fact, according to psychology, a nude manicure indicates an “unfussy” person. Moreover, it looks very subtle and matches whatever you wear – from corporate uniforms to casual outfits. On top of that, nude manicures are very low-maintenance, and you won’t have to retouch them as often as darker shades.

The only thing to pay attention to is to pick a shade that matches your skin tone. Once you do so, you can rest assured that you’re having a neat manicure that works with your complexion, not against it. Now that you found out about the three classic nail polish colours, don’t hesitate to visit your favourite nail supplies store and give your manicure kit a good upgrade.