Power Up Your Lawn Maintenance: A Guide to Choosing and Using a Cordless Mower

For those of us with a green thumb, there’s hardly anything that’s more satisfying than seeing a neat and tidy lawn. But maintaining a lush and beautiful backyard can be quite challenging, especially if you have to use an old-fashioned mower that requires long cords to be connected to an outlet to power the blades.

Enter the modern-day cordless mower – a lightweight and powerful machine that handles all the heavy lifting for you. It helps you create an intriguing landscape scene and tame some of the wildest turfs without dealing with tangled wires and extension cords.

How Does a Cordless Mower Work?

Cordless Mower Work

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These days, most lightweight and easy-to-use cordless mowers are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide sufficient power for cutting grass. As soon as you press the start button, the powerful motor engages and starts spinning the blades at a high speed to cut and trim the turf.

It works just like a conventional electric model, only it doesn’t require you to drag heavy cords around your lawn. The cords are replaced by the rechargeable battery, which is highly efficient and reliable, giving you freedom of movement to take care of your lawn.

Key Features to Consider

When shopping for a battery mower for your landscaping needs, the exact features depend on the model and manufacturer, but most of them have similar features. Sometimes you may also need to buy accessories or extra components to make the mower perform better.

Battery Types and Runtime

Of course, not all cordless mowers run on the same juice. Some models use lithium-ion batteries, while others may use lead-acid or NiCd batteries. Each battery type brings its own set of perks and potential drawbacks, so knowing what your needs are is the starting point when deciding which option to buy.

Lithium-ion models tend to last longer, hold more energy, and provide a consistent power output. On the other hand, lead-acid and NiCd batteries need frequent replacement, and may not give you the same level of performance.

As for the runtime, it depends on the size of the battery and how you use the machine. If you’re mowing a large lawn, you should consider a larger version, which will last longer and provide more power. In contrast, smaller batteries may not have enough juice to complete a whole task.

Lawn Size and Terrain

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Speaking of the size of your lawn, the exact nature of the terrain can also play a big role. For instance, if you have an uneven and slightly hilly lawn, you’d need a machine with more powerful blades so that it can cut through thicker grass. Higher blade speeds will also help you cover the terrain faster.

If you’re dealing with more even terrain, an average machine should be enough to get the job done. This normally includes a range of grass types, such as coarse and thick varieties, which are more common in larger lawns.

Cutting Deck Width and Height Adjustment

The cutting deck is the metallic surface underneath the mower that the blades are mounted on. In most cases, the wider the cutting deck, the more powerful and efficient it will be since it’ll cover more ground in one pass.

Height adjustment is also a crucial feature, since the blades may need to be moved up or down depending on the type of grass you’re cutting. This way, you can fit the mower to your specific needs and get the best results in terms of precision and accuracy.

Mulching and Bagging Capabilities

Mulching is when the machine chops up the cut grass into tiny pieces, which in turn serve as a natural fertiliser for the soil and feed the lawn. This is great if you’re trying to reduce waste since it eliminates the need for bagging or disposing of the cuttings.

Some models may also include bagging capabilities, which means you can collect the cut grass and dispose of it or use it for composting. Not only can this help save time, but it can also reduce the amount of work done manually.

Foldable Handles and Storage Options

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In a world where we put so much emphasis on portability and mobility, foldable handles can be a real game-changer. It’s much easier to carry the mower around if you can fold the handles down and make it more compact.

You could go with a machine that also includes a storage bin or bag, which gives you the option to store it safely and securely. These are normally specialised for keeping the mower and its accessories, with reinforced materials to avoid any damage.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining your mower is essential if you want it to work at its peak efficiency. This includes keeping the blades sharp, changing the motor oil regularly, and cleaning it after every use. You can tell a certain machine needs a touch-up if it starts to produce louder noises or doesn’t cut the grass as well anymore.

Depending on the model, some machines may need more maintenance than others. The exact way you go about it also depends on the manufacturer’s instructions, so read them carefully and follow their advice.

Noise Levels and Environmental Impact

The battery mowers are inherently more eco-friendly than petrol models, but they still have varying degrees of environmental impact. This includes the noise levels, which will determine how loud the machine is while you’re using it.

While some models are designed to be as silent as possible, even the quietest ones will still produce some noise. You could expect something within the range of 60-70 decibels, which is still relatively low. Anything beyond that would be considered too loud and would require some additional insulation.