Plus Size Body Type Styling Tips: Contour Your Body the Way You Like

As a fashion enthusiast, I’ve noticed a positive shift in women’s attitudes about their bodies and clothing. Decades of dieting and trying to fit into a set size are coming to an end. “I want to look thinner” has been superseded with “I understand my body type and I want to enhance it!” And this blog post is exactly focused on enhancing your plus-size body type in a stylish way that suits your individual wants and needs.

Open up Your Mind and Closet for New Ideas

Opening your closet and getting dressed should be a pleasurable part of your day, not a chore. Begin by donating your old “I’ll lose the extra kilogrammes someday” garments and boxy, unflattering stuff as soon as possible. Then begin adding new things that make you happy and anxious to get dressed and say “Yes!” to your next dinner party.

Invest in Comfortable but Supportive Underwear


A beautiful pair of well-fitted big sized bras and shaping undies are as crucial for your wardrobe as skincare is for your cosmetics, which means it’s necessary. However, many women are abandoning shapewear in favour of body criticism. However, this does not imply that you should spend your time in do-nothing bralettes and lace bikini underwear.

Regardless of size, bras that elevate your breasts and seamless undergarments that give your clothes a smooth line are crucial. Select elegant modern support bras to lift your chest and add visual inches to your torso. Whether you’re wearing a jacket, dress, fitted sweater, or tunic top, your breasts should “sit” about halfway between your elbow and shoulder.

The full-figure, big sized bras provide the necessary support and comfort. As a result, you won’t have to worry about coverage or spills. The larger shoulder straps provide your breasts with the necessary support and lift. Plus size bras will also ease your back and shoulder pain, which is frequent in large-busted women.

Different bra styles work better for different body shapes and personal preferences. Try various styles, such as full-coverage, balconette, or plunge, to find what feels comfortable and supportive for you.

Dress to Visually Lengthen Your Body

Weight gives width to the bust, waist, hips, and thighs in a horizontal way. Height, leg and arm length, however, do not vary regardless of how far the scale moves. Whatever your height, giving the illusion of a longer, taller silhouette will give you a more appealing overall appearance.

You can do this several ways: by dressing in one colour from head to toe; wearing jeans with a higher rise (if you’re a belt-and-waist person); showing your ankles and wrists in 3/4-sleeve tops, ankle-cropped trousers or midis rather than full-length pants and maxis; and wearing a shoe with some height, like chunky lugs or Chelsea boots .

Flaunt Your Feminine Waist with Pride

Due to belly fat increase, many bodacious women abandon belts and tucked-in tops after menopause. A belt, on the other hand, can help you shape up. A belt instantly indicates that your bosom, waist, and belly are not one solid unit whether you have an hourglass-shaped body or a larger midsection that has lost its indent. The point is made via shirtdresses, wrap dresses, fit-and-flare dresses, jumpsuits, paper-bag-waist pants, and belted pants. Though many styles come with their own “cinchers,” try investing in a few unique belts to add a personal touch to your wardrobe.

Don’t hide your curves in oversized, shapeless clothes; instead, emphasise them. Only the appropriate underwear and a confident mindset are required for trendy, body-hugging dresses, bodysuits, and knits that skim your contour.

Consider Wearing Flowy Dresses and Tunics


As a woman, a comfortable dress is a must-have for any season. Having said that, don’t debate whether you should invest in a couple of one-piece, belt-free dresses with an A-line shape or a loose, straight silhouette. These fashions skim directly over the centre because there is no break at the waist. Long, untucked shirts that go well with flat-front elastic-waist slacks and jeans are another choice for reducing waist circumference.

Work with Your Individual Proportions

Shop and dress for your body type. You may feel more comfortable in a plus-size bottom but wear a regular-size top, or vice versa. Take a tape measure and measure your breasts, waist, and hips in centimetres. Size charts are common on most plus-size and size-inclusive apparel websites, but they vary by brand. When shopping online, instead of selecting your “typical” size, compare your centimetres to the retailer to find your best size selection.

Consider More Relaxed Outfits

The plus-size fashion boom is about more than just larger sizes. Athleisure clothing, such as joggers, giant hi-low tees, and cosy sweatpants, has taught women with curvy bodies to enjoy, layer, and pair comfortable looser items with longer skirts and dress lengths. This new ease can be found in wide-leg slacks and jeans with elastic waists, roomy tunics and hi-low tops, midi dresses, and generously cut sweaters and cardigans. Make these your go-to items.

Include Belts, Jackets and Cardigans

Structured blazers, long cardigans, and dusters are necessary for women of all sizes. The solid form or sweeping lines (depending on your preference) provide soothing firmness or coverage on days when you’re just not feeling it. Adding a second or third piece improves the overall appearance of an outfit.