Plastic Storage Containers: Versatile Solution for Industrial and Commercial Storage

Organisation is the bedrock of efficiency, productivity, and even safety in any line of business. Say your day-to-day operations include managing a warehouse, restaurant inventory or a workshop. Now imagine miscellaneous parts scattered on the ground, food ingredients taking all the space on countertops or unattended sharp tools lurking from all corners.

A cluttered work environment isn’t just an eyesore, it’s a productivity killer and a safety hazard. If your employees need to finish an obstacle course just to get to the part, product, or tool they need, frustration is more than likely to skyrocket. Consequently, instead of driving performance, this scenario fuels stress and burnout, increasing the risk of safety incidents, poor service, and quality issues.

Unveiling the Simple Solution to Industrial and Commercial Organisation

warehouse products feature

Sometimes the simplest solution to a problem lies right at our fingertips, but for some reason, we tend to overlook the ‘easy fix’. In this particular case, it may be because complex systems and complete overhauls seem more impressive or capable of resolving the overflowing chaos.

However, the answer often lies in readily available resources and tried-and-true methods like the humble yet highly functional plastic storage containers. Promoting plastics? In this day and age? With the rising environmental concerns, plastic is often frowned upon, to say the least. But just like green-washing doesn’t make a product clean or eco-friendly, denigrating all plastics isn’t making the planet a service.

Failing to notice this material as a sustainable alternative misses the opportunity to harness its inherent functionality in a responsible way. With sustainable, recyclable, and BPA-free storage containers, you can reap the benefits of plastic while minimising your environmental impact.

So why exactly use plastic storage containers?


Plastic containers are readily found in various shapes and sizes to suit different lines of work, meaning there’s no need for extensive research or special orders. This accessibility alone offers a quick and easy solution for immediate organisation and storage needs.


High-quality containers resist dents, scratches, and in some cases, chemicals, making them ideal for storing tools, parts, equipment, and other items that make take a beating in daily use. Unlike glass or metal, they won’t shatter or rust, ensuring your products remain safe and protected.

Cost Effectiveness

Unlike other materials like steel or aluminium, plastic is significantly more affordable. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses, especially when dealing with larger storage needs. As previously mentioned, quality containers that are built to last offer unmatched value, making them a good investment in the long run.


Plastic’s adaptability knows no bounds. You can utilise plastic containers to store anything from delicate electronics and small parts to bulky tools. Not to mention the purpose-designed food-grade containers for ingredients and liquids in food service.

With airtight lids, stackable designs, and labelling options further enhancing their versatility and organisation potential, it seems like you can store virtually anything in plastic buckets, pails, crates, and boxes. But should you?

What Should Not Be Stored in Plastic?

While plastics boast impressive functionality, it’s worth remembering not all containers are created equal. So it’s not really about what you shouldn’t store, but what you store and where. For instance, you shouldn’t store food, both dry and fresh, in standard plastic boxes. Factors like ventilation, temperature, and leachability should be considered to ensure compliance and safety, which leads us to the next point.

Buy Plastic Storage Containers for Your Specific Needs

Choosing the right containers for your organisation needs is vital to ensure functionality, safety, and compliance. There are many options available on the market including:

Storage Bins

Blue plastic storage bins and containers

These general-purpose containers come in various shapes and sizes, offering a reliable and hassle-free way to store and organise tools, equipment, and other supplies that need to be readily accessible and easily identifiable. Design-wise, you can choose from stackable bins, pedal bins, and wheelie bins to suit different requirements.

Stackable options can be neatly stored on top of each other or used in combination with louvred panels to keep important items at hand yet out of the way. These are often utilised in workshops for storage and organisation of fasteners and other hardware.

Pedal bins offer hands-free handling, suitable for safe and hygienic waste management whereas wheelie bins offer the added benefit of easy portability.


Plastic Crates with food

Plastic storage crates made of polypropylene copolymer offer great impact strength and durability, making them suitable for storing a wide range of items. Furthermore, this material is safe for direct food contact, meaning you can use these creates to store and organise dry and fresh ingredients in restaurants and other food-service establishments.

Another benefit of these thermoplastic containers is their corrosion and chemical resistance which renders them suitable for safe garage or workshop tool organisation.

Jerry Cans and Liquid Drums

Two Jerry Cans
blue plastic storage drums containers

These liquid storage solutions are often employed in the automotive and other heavy industries. Leak-proof and durable, you can use jerry cans and liquid drums for storing anything from water to oils, automotive liquids, detergents, and chemicals.

Food-Service Containers

Food Plastic Storage Containers

From produce crates to ventilated lug boxes, buckets, pails, and tubs – you can streamline food-service inventory management with purpose-designed and food-contact-approved plastic containers. Whether you need a solution for meat and seafood, fresh produce, dry ingredients or liquids, these containers come in various shapes and sizes to suit different requirements and production volumes.

Closing Thoughts

Plastic containers, when chosen correctly, can be an affordable and effective storage solution for your business. So if your premises are on the brink of clutter, consider investing in high-quality containers and lay the foundation for good organisation and stellar productivity.