Our Top Accessory Picks for Elevating Your Interior Design

Even if we sometimes don’t pay a lot of attention to the placement and the style of our interior design accessories, they play a significant role in the overall mood in our home. When it comes to sprucing up your home decor with accessories, go for things that tell a story. Think pictures of happy memories, meaningful statues or gifted candles, etc.

Vases, Bowls, Statues and Trinkets

Vases, Bowls, Statues and Trinkets
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Vases, bowls and statues have been in our homes forever. They’re accessories that never went out of style; they’ve only just changed their design to match the current trends. You probably remember the cute vase your grandma had on the dining table or the leaf-shaped glass bowl filled with candy. The first and primary usage of the vase is to hold flowers. Colourful beauties that make every room brighter. In a simple see-through vase, roses, daffodils, tulips or lilies are a perfect combination.

You have so many shapes to choose from – bottle, jar, amphora, trumpet, bowl, urn, square or pitcher. Glass, ceramic, metal and wood are just a few of the materials vases are made of. Decorative bowls are simple and convenient pieces of room décor. You can use them by the door to keep your keys, fill them with trimmed flowers or maybe a combination of pretty little stones and shells. Take a glass bowl and paint it as you like, or put the new oriental ceramic one on the table to match your carpet or pillows. They can be a great centrepiece on the kitchen counter or side table.

Statues and figurines are a great addition to any interior design because they’re so versatile. They can represent who you are, your travelling, experiences, hobbies and interests. You can go with birds, dancing figurines, leaves, religious symbols, animals, and many more. Make sure to get the right sizes. You don’t want the new addition to get lost in the overall design or for it to be too big and overshadow everything else.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows
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One of the simplest ways to add elegance to your living room, family room, or bedroom is to use throw pillows. And, with so many affordable, lovely pillows on the market, it’s a shame to limit yourself to just two or three pillows or with the set that belongs to your sofa. The first thing to remember is that your pillows do not have to be the same colour. They can have a more professional, elegant appearance when you combine colours. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always ask for assistance, read some articles, and visit some interior design blogs, to find out what will fit your home best.

You can start by choosing the right colour pallet, a combination of the colours of the walls, carpet and curtains or bedding. Mixing 3 different patterns is also okay. You can take the floral pattern as a base and add a geometrical or dotted pattern to it. The dominant pattern should be the largest, and the other ones can be incorporated on a smaller scale. The size can vary between 30 and 60cm, depending on the shape you like.

Textured pillows will add another dimension to the sofa and make it fun. You can use leather, wool, pompoms, lace, linen, and so much more. The shape of your cushions will also play a role in determining whether your design is formal or casual. Pillows square or rectangular in shape are comfier and bolster, and round pillows are more sophisticated. You can transform your home in the 80s style or create a futuristic scene with just a few throw pillows.


artwork in your home
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Having artwork in your home can be the ultimate room décor. It’s often an afterthought for many homeowners, but the right pieces can transform your space and give it its personality. Buying the right art piece is a combination of instinct and learning along the way. You may get intimidated, but don’t back off. Art has the power to alter and set the mood of the room. It should be dynamic but not necessarily bold and bright.

Every room has a different vibe and usage. For example, a bedroom is a calm place where the artwork can be personal and soothing, with warm tones such as blue or green. The living room can be decorated with different techniques, watercolour, oil, photography, collage etc. The best place to hang the art is above the sofa. You can go with one oversized piece or a combination of smaller, mutually connected pieces. The dining room is the perfect area to go bold and bright. Different colours, graphics, sizes and techniques can be a perfect conversation starter.


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Plants can be great home décor for every room. But people often make mistakes when choosing plants. They first decide on the plant, and after that, they think about where in the room will it go. It should be in the opposite order to make the right decision. First, think about the natural lighting in the room. Many plants need bright light but not direct sunlight to thrive. You might be in luck if your room faces the sun from the south, west, or east. However, if your room faces north and you want to grow cacti, you will have some issues.

Second, consider the room temperature. Spring and summer work perfectly for every plant. The problems start in the colder months when drafts, frequent temperature changes and no heating can destroy the plant. Many easy-to-grow and-maintain house plants are available, and some of them can flourish in low-light environments. Many low-maintenance plants don’t need a lot of water or light, making them perfect for busy families that like to have greenery.

Plants are fantastic because they purify our air and bring freshness to the room. Some of the most beautiful indoor plants are:

  • Swiss Cheese Plant;
  • Devil’s Ivy;
  • Mass Cane;
  • Peace Lily;
  • Bromeliad;
  • Mother-in-law’s Tongue;
  • Zanzibar Gem;
  • Maidenhair Fern;
  • Rubber Plant.

In Summary

There are many options in colour, material, style, and design for home decorations. You can choose the ones that suit you best and express your personality and lifestyle. From little trinkets to oversized artwork and colourful plants, you have various options.