No Idea How To Be Romantic? Write Love Poetry for Her!

Love poetry is one of the best ways to tell your girlfriend or wife your emotions, because they put your feelings to the rhythm. This means that you’re conveying your love through the poem, and not just telling someone that you love them with simple and plain words. There are a lot of ways and ideas that you can start your love poetry for her with, but the most important thing is that you are honest about your feelings and emotions.

love poetry for her

Metaphors and Similes

You can use metaphors and similes to describe things in your poetry. Metaphors are a great poetic tool to break out of the use of conventional language. For example, instead of writing a fact, like “you’re beautiful” you can write, “shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Using metaphors shows how strong you feel about something by comparing it to something unexpected and much greater. Similes are similar to metaphors, however, it uses the word “like.” So, you can write something, like “your hair is like the sun, except it burns my heart instead of my eyes.” This sentence is a combination of both.

Rhyming Love Poetry For Her

You don’t have to write love poems that rhyme. However, rhymes are really useful in giving the poem a rhythm. In every sentence, there is a rhythm, but rhyming highlights it. A poem which rhymes and, therefore, has a good rhythm will stick in the head of your loved one much more effectively. If you want to write a poem and make it read like a song, you can highlight the beauty in the structure of the sentences, you can do this easily by using a rhyme scheme.

Template Poetry

A lot of poems, for example, haikus, acrostic poems, and sonnets, have a set form. This is a good thing and very useful because when you work your love towards your loved one into a template, it will show your skill with words. Even better for new and amateur poets, they can make their poetry more effective by using a template that has worked out many times in the past.

Free Verse

If you want to express and highlight your emotions and feelings to the fullest and without any distractions, write your love poems in free verse. Free verse is basically you writing your poem the way you feel it. Instead of keeping in mind things like, metaphors, similes and other tools of poetry, you just write down what you feel in this type of poetry. Writing in this form feels more authentic, however if you aren’t careful when you edit your poem you’ll just end up with a mush of words.